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    Quaife QBE62G Speedo output

    I have swapped out my mechanical speedo for a GPS unit. I need to 'cap' the speedo output from the transaxle. Is there a part for this, or do you just make something to cap the hole and output blade? Thanks in advance.
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    Rear Wheel Bearing adjustment

    Having done a lot of research on this site about the bearing adjustments on these cars, and frankly being highly intimidated by the whole process, I thought I would share my experiences. My car is #2388, delivered to me late fall last year, just as the snow settled in. I started to drive and...
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    Newer Car GT40 branded caliper brake pads

    I have a newer car, #2388, sequence 339. I have the GT40 branded calipers. I'm assuming they are the same as the old Wilwoods and use the same brake pads. But you know what they say about assuming. Does anyone happen to know if they are the same as the old setup and only new graphics...
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    Ride Height

    Is there a generally accepted/optimal ride height for the Superformance MKI? If so, how is it measured (center of . I just took delivery of P2388. Perfect timing as 2 hours after rolling it out of the trailer, the snow came. So I now have to wait until Spring for the real fun to start.
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    License Plate Solutions

    P2388 is now in the final stages of install and being the enthusiastic person I am, I got ahead of the DMV and already have title and plates for the car. I'm wondering if anyone has an elegant solution to attaching the rear plate other than just fixing the frame to rear grill. All pics and...
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    Storage Boxes

    Has anyone fabricated storage boxes to fit under the rear clip on the SPF MKI Cars? I'm considering making some with appropriate insulation and wondered if there are plans, mounting thoughts already out there? Thanks Cameron
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    New GT40 on the way

    Time to introduce myself to the group. I recently finalized my order for P2388. A Superformance Mark I RHD, Sill shift, Widebody in Gulf colors. Timing should see the car in my hands (for install), May 2018. Still a few details (ok more than a few) to decide. At this stage a Roush 427IR is...