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    JWA/Gulf racing evening with Maitland Cook.

    You won,t get another chance.
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    T70 mk3B build up

    Well work is progressing, albeit slowly at times, on the FIA Lola T70 mk3B. Body work is nearly done and all holes and vents have been done, front and rear lights, windows, etc, trial fitted and packed away, and shortly the body can come off the chassis and stored ready for paint !! My big...
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    Gt40 Exhaust for 302 engine

    Mark, if you are on a budget I can give you a surface rusty, but perfectly restorable and usable complete system for nothing. Been in my workshop for at least 12 years since removal from 302 SB Ford engine on a GT40.
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    917 full tube frame build

    For your 917s to handle right and anywhere near to the originals, you must keep the weight down to allow the Porsche engines to deliver the power, and fitting an after market type fan is not only top end heavy, but draining on the engines output. That gearbox of yours is very heavy and will give...
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    917 full tube frame build

    And here we are racing at Spa last year. 13 years of racing for Gulf Oil UK with it, and you,ve all forgotten.
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    Show us your GT40!

    My old campaigner.
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    Lola T70 Wheels Wanted (Borrow or Buy!) UK

    Yes, mine are like the first pictureThat is a rear Mk3B magnesium wheel and is 17" wide by 15" diameter. You would have real difficulty in getting that to fit a Capri !!!!!! Picture is what the Mk3B rear upright assembly to take that wheel looks like. Send me a PM with your home number and...
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    Lola T70 Wheels Wanted (Borrow or Buy!) UK

    Front and rear are different on spoke design. You have not stated what type of T70, as rims are different for earlier type. I would not lend my current Mk3B magnesium wheels, but I do have some old ones. Many companies can scan, but making new wheels is very expensive. Have recently lent wheel...
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    Knock off safety clips

    In all the years that I have raced, and with my 40 having done nigh on a hundred serious events, I have never had a spinner undo or slacken. I,ve always used a very heavy duty tie strap, quick to fit tightly through a wheel spoke and spinner arm, and even quicker to cut off for fast wheel...
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    Layer Marney Tower photoshoot

    My word, he must be a very old man as it is a Tudor building !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Layer Marney Tower photoshoot

    123 mpg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Looking for a GT40 Intake Plaque Cover Plate with Screws Fox Body Mustang GT Cobra Explorer

    Could you please state what you mean in English ?????????????????
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    Layer Marney Tower photoshoot

    On the eve of the Historic Layer Marney Towers economy cup, established in 1914, I was commissioned to do one of the most glamourous photoshoots that I and Gulf Oil UK have been involved with. I took some of my own "phone pictures", a couple of which I thought you might like. We managed to...
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    GTD40 for sale **SOLD**

    Re: GTD40 for sale PM sent.
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    lola t70 3b tub

    Randy, who is the maker of this tub, and is it to original FIA specification please. Original spec tubs should have steel and three grades of alloy in their construction.
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    Marauder lola

    PM sent.
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    A blast from the past

    This was my old Special Saloon Mini, raced mainly in the Hepolite Glacier championship in the early 70s. Picture looks a little strange as it was lifted from some early 1971 cine film of Mallory Park paddock/race that someone sent to me.
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    Looking for my old GTD

    Simon, I think most of us wondered what MID was, and what possible use it could have in tracing your unfinished car that you sold. The photos clearly show that there was a lot to do before it would ever get to that stage, and still might not be finished !