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    driveshafts for a type c KVA

    Hi I am on the look out for a set of driveshafts for a type c KVA. These have ford CV's at either end but need to be approx. 415mm long . Cant seem t find any that short from standard ford fitment. Has anybody any experience on this issue they can share? Or have they had some made from...
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    Joining Aluminium

    Was always a bit sceptical of these miracle aluminium solder type products, But bought some at the Classic car show yesterday and have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I have just tried a joint that will only be used for cosmetic purposes but I think with a bit of polishing and cleaning will...
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    Front paneling around the filler cap etc?

    Guys. I am struggling a bit with the panelling on the front of my KVA around the fuel filler caps and into the front of the windscreen area. I have been putting it off for ages but really need to get it done now. Has anybody got any pictures from around that area? needs to be watertight but...
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    IVA question on switches

    I know this subject has been covered in the forum before but have another option. I am looking at using the standard lucas style toggle switches on the dashboard but thinking about how to make them compliant. Any thoughts on drilling an extra switch hole at either side of the bank of switches...
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    Dip Tube style fuel level sender

    I am currently manufacturing the fuel tanks and have stumbled across a problem. I have Stewart Warner Instruments fitted to the dash. which work on a resistance of 240 ohms to 33 ohms. this is where the problems start , Due to the fact I am using fire foam in the tank I dont really want to...
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    Oil Pressure switch

    Whats the thoughts on the setting for the oil pressure switch on a 302? Standard oil pump. And what setting is the factory fitted switch? Thanks
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    Needing a favour from an American Friend?

    I am looking at purchasing a small item from a company that does not deliver to the uk. I am looking for a Dorman 570-009 38mm rubber expansion plug. Cannot find any suppliers in the UK. The only company I have found in the US that does UK delivery wants $90 to deliver an item with is only...
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    Hand made full size wooden Ferrari !!

    Just stumbled upon this on an industrial auction site that I use and thought it may be of interest to someone!! I have no connection with this company or auction. Sweeney Kincaid Industrial Auctioneering Looks like someone has put an amazing amount of work into it!!
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    Aluminium water pump

    Due to my incorrect welding technique when blanking off a cast water pump for electric water pump installation ( actual modification went well as pre-heated then used the correct rods) but during pressure testing I noticed a pinhole, which I tried to fill without preheating . Result was a big...
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    Renault UN1 input shaft spline

    Sorry if I am covering old ground but could not find anything in the search. The input shaft spline on my un1 box seems a bit unusual in the fact that it is 27mm 10 Spline ( 1.062inch) All the literature seem to point to a different spline. Can anybody shine any light on this? thanks
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    50oz Flywheel

    Hi i am looking for a loan of a 50oz flywheel to setup the balance machine to balance my new flywheel. Is there anybody that could loan me one or even sell me one cheaply.? Could be the standard diameter unit. thanks
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    Megajolt and Electric water pump wiring

    Possibly of use to some of you guys with GTD's I am starting to create a copy of the GTD wiring diagram in MS visio. I currently have a pdf of the Visio file that I have created for installing electronic crank pickup wiring with a modified Ford EDIS 8 , and Davies Craig water pump. I will...
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    Firing order for 302

    May sound like an obvious question but I have some confusion on the firing order of the 302. Most literature says 1,5,4,2,6,3,7,8 But a sticker on the rocker covers stated a different order. could this be just rocker covers from a different engine? eg 351? the engine was originally a...
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    Spark Plugs

    I am looking for a bit of advice on spark plug choice? I have a mildly tuned 302 with a holley 650cfm standard heads with a small amount skimmed off them. Ignition is electronic with a ford EDIS 8 with a megajolt programmable ECU. My usual supplier supplies NGK but other may be available...
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    Water pump plate

    I am looking for the plate that goes between the the water pump and the block for a ford 302 . Used mine as a template but now change of plan and have cut up mine? Can anybody help or advise where to get one? Thanks Robin
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    Megajolt Ignition

    I am currently changing over my 302 from distributor to Crank pickup with a Megajolt, Computer mappable ignition. basically i am looking for anyone that has done this before to a mildly tuned 302. I would like to try and get a default map to allow me to run this engine before i get it to a...
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    Build parts left over. holley carb and MSD dissy

    I have the following two items left over from my build. Holley 4 barrel Marine Carb E8JL-9510-BA ( lots more numbers on it email for info) New never used but been in cupboard for a few years so dusty. MSD Distributor Part number 8582 again brand new never fitted. Looking for £200 each and...
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    Old 302 distributor

    I am currently changing my 302 engine from a distributor to a pickup type ignition with coil packs, the problem is I have to butcher a distributor to modify to drive the oil pump only and blank the top off. I currently have a new marine distributor and a new MSD distributor and dont really...
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    Engine Mods for a standard marine engine.

    Hi all. I have had a slight change in my engine building plans. ( mainly due to a change in circumstances/Finances) So I have a new standard 302 marine engine which I have stripped as it has been sitting for a while. So I am looking at skimming the heads and fitting another cam. So the...
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    Parts required for engine build

    I am about to spend some money on various parts for my 302 and checking to see if anybody has some parts left over from build that they are interested in selling. These parts are from a 1985 302. Flywheel to fit into UN1 bellhousing . ( crank 2MAE ) need to check balance weight required...