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  1. ferrari328gt

    Air con condenser

    My CAV GT40 condenser is 13" X 13" X 1 3/4" . Works quite well even in Phoenix. -Steve
  2. ferrari328gt

    Hydraulic Release Bearing Problem

    My CAV GT40 ZF was converted to external slave by the PO. He got tired of leaky internal ones. Conversion kit was provided by Pantera Performance in Castle Rock, Colorado. Price was a little over $1,000 back in 2013. I have owned the car for about a year and a half, and have had no problems...
  3. ferrari328gt

    ZF 5DS 25-2

    Many years ago, I owned a 1972 Pantera and decided I'd better check to see if the ZF had been safety wired. The -2 transaxle had about 90,000 miles at the time. Turns out, it had not. However, those bolts were on with about 500 ft-lbs, and would never have come off on their own. I safety...
  4. ferrari328gt

    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    It happened again this morning. A man asked me "Do you mind if I take some pictures?" I gave him my standard reply "It'll cost you a dollar." Then I smile.
  5. ferrari328gt

    What's It Like At The Gas Station?

    At a gas station, a guy came up to me and said "I've seen a lot of great cars in Scottsdale. You win". However, there is one problem. Everybody wants to talk to you at traffic lights, but the windows don't go down. I need to make a sign that I can show them that says " sorry...."
  6. ferrari328gt

    Where does everyone live?

    Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA ... near Phoenix
  7. ferrari328gt

    Show us your GT40!

    Nice car, Walt;) CAV #80 Fountain Hills, Arizona
  8. ferrari328gt

    New Valkyrie owner in Eastern Panhandle WV

    Doug: Well, here you go. I built this Crown conversion in the early '70s, using a 1969 Z-28 302 crate motor. It surprised a lot of people in Ann Arbor, Michigan, including Porsches, GTOs, and Mustangs. Unfortunately, the local police knew me, too. I was also involved with the University of...
  9. ferrari328gt

    CAV wiper motor wiring

    Hope this helps. From my CAV #80. -Steve
  10. ferrari328gt

    Carroll Shelby's 80th Birthday Car

    I am thrilled to be the owner of CAV GT40 #80, which was delivered to Carroll on his 80th birthday. I purchased the car from forum member Pat Buckley in April 2018. I have spent the summer making a few changes to the car to make it more drivable (I'm too old for racing), e.g., milder camshaft...
  11. ferrari328gt

    Member Name

    Thank you, Rick. I have come close to buying two GT40s, but didn't quite work out. I'll find the right one soon. -Steve
  12. ferrari328gt

    Member Name

    In keeping with the administrator's request to eliminate all "handles", how can I change my member name, and the line below my name in a post. Thanks.
  13. ferrari328gt

    1966R CAV GT40 original owner **SOLD**

    Re: 1966R CAV GT40 original owner My apologies, Rick. Done. -Steve
  14. ferrari328gt

    1966R CAV GT40 original owner **SOLD**

    Re: 1966R CAV GT40 original owner Still available? I am seriously interested. I live in Phoenix, easy to come over and look. Thanks.