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    WANTED REAR CLAMSHEL prefer SPF, minor damage OK, west coast USA

    Looking for a rear clamshell, side skirts too, if ya got em. Some damage OK. Prefer Superformance or other original fitment. Just for those of you wondering, mine is just fine. I just thought it might be fun to build a second option for my car, 1969 GULF pattern (WIDE). I already have a second...
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    Webber to retire at end of year

    The title says it. Webber will become a brand ambassador for Porsche after he retires at the end of the WEC season 2016. He was always one of my favorite drivers. Maybe he wasn't aggressive enough, cut throat enough, or maybe even fast enough to win it all in F1, but he seemed like an...
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    CAV rear roll bar/ mounts wanted

    I'm looking for a CAV rear roll/sway bar, preferably with mounts/bushings. My intention is to adapt these to my SPF, as I'm not entirely happy with the way the stock version is cantilevered off of the shock mount. The original geometry, which CAV seems to follow, makes more sense to me...
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    Vintage P-Car Kool Hope this works. Not in the slightest GT40 related. Not even a real P-Car. But I like it. Hit the "like" button if you agree. :)
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    Now THIS is a Rat Rod

    Chevrolet Other Rat Rod | eBay Hopefully I posted the link correctly. Not sure if I'd want to take it on the freeway, but can you imagine showing up at a show in this? Oh, and you have to watch the videos...the motor burbles like no inline 6 I've ever heard.
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    Nice little article

    Just stumbled across this. Nice little article. The Ford GT40: America
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    Rearview mirror glue...suggestions?

    OK, I've now had this thing fall off at least 6-7 times. I've got a Lucas 608 that I've tried gluing over and over and over....always with the same result..."doink!" onto the floor. I've tried several different adhesives...most sold to specifically to attach a mirror to the
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    Rear Clamshell

    Does anyone know exactly how the lanyard that restrains the clamshell when open was attached on the original cars? I'm looking for how they attached to the fiberglass, not to the shocktower. In particular, if anyone happens to know, or even better, have a photo of this area on one of the...
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    Mark IV Reproduction $450K

    I remember reading about a group doing a very limited run of spot-on replicas...(Probably read it in the SAAC Registry). Anyone know if this is one of those? 1967 Ford GT40 for sale | Hemmings Motor News
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    Brake and Lamp Check...Reverse Light

    Under the heading "Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy" ...Today I found that I failed my California B&L inspection because I don't have a functioning reverse light. According to the inspector, it has to come on automatically when I shift into reverse....I can't just push a button (Hey, it...
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    At last!

    Well, for those of you not familiar with my saga, I’ve finally received final sanction from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, the institution that grants smog exemption to specially constructed vehicles in this state. I appreciate all of the information and support given to me by...
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    Best 917

    Ok, So now we have two 917 manufacturers on board. Both apparently have the ability to supply very accurate tube frame replicas of the venerable Porsche 917...but, which is the very most accurate? Not trying to start something, not stirring the pot, but it is the elephant in the room. For...
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    GT40 Exhaust Options...ideas anyone?

    Well, I haven't given in yet (see my other posts), but I'm considering my options. I'm wondering if its possible (even without the rear clamshell) to invert and reverse a set of shorty headers (ala drag boats) to creat a "cheap" exhaust system for my SPF? Anyone tried this before? I'm about...
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    Weber Carbs and Air Injection Pumps

    Without being too “cloak and dagger” about why I’m asking, I’d like to put together a dossier on two subjects, and would appreciate any information (direct links, copies, faxes or simply references…but no “my brother remembers back in the day…”responses) concerning the two questions posed below...
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    MSO date

    I won't get into why I"m asking, but if any of you have delt with the state of California, you may already know. Is there anyone who's MSO does NOT say the car is a "1966"? From speaking with various involved parties...I doubt there are many of you. In fact, I expect that every, or nearly...
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    Goodyear sportscar specials (big letters)

    Anybody tried these on a SPF? I would have sworn that I'd seen a photo of one with them, but I can't find it. I bought a set, and they look fantastic!!!....except the fronts rub so badly that my turning radius would be about 300 feet :(.:cry::furious: I don't think raising the car will...
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    Caster Issues

    So I finally got around to taking my car to a good alignment shop for a corner ballance and alignment. The local wizard informs me that the caster is off 2 degrees side to side, and of course, isn't adjustable. We talked a little bit about how to compensate, but everything is just a...
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    Wanted; Historically correct Gulf driving lights.

    Ok, I've looked everywhere I can think to look. Can anyone tell me definitively if the correct round driving lights as used on the GULF liveried cars are the Marchal TP 27SP lights, or something else. I'm not interested in something that looks similar...I would like an authorative answer as...
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    WTB Lucas L534 side marker lights

    Anybody have one or two that they are willing to let go. I've been following ebay periodically, and they just don't seem to be coming up much lately. Doesn't have to be perfect. I'll probably rechrome anything that has more than mild "patina." I will consider buying parts, as I may be able...
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    FAILED!!! at the BAR (Califonia Smog test)

    I'm just starting to get over my anger, and resigned to finding a solution. So for those of you in California, this may be of interest. For the rest of you, be thankful you don't live here. So I went in for my inspection this am...essentially a visual only, since there are no sniffer tests...