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    need european ford capri part-cash reward

    Hi all, My daughter is working on a 1977 ford capri MKII, and we need help locating a critical part for it. These cars have become incredibly scarce in the USA, so I may need help from someone in the UK. We desperately need a "left hand side" front suspension strut housing for the car...
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    power to weight= FUN

    It's been quite a while since I've posted anything here. .......but I'm soooo close to acquiring a new toy, I just have to share some numbers with you guys. About....the little V4 engine, 14,000 RPMs gear driven overhead cams 4 valves per cylinder engine is a load bearing member of...
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    Rcr-p How Sooooooooooon??????

    title says it all. I've been hanging out at the racetrack and it's killing me watching everyone else having all the fun. I gotta start building something soon,,,,, or I'm gonna go off the deep end and build myself a FFR spec racer.... ...or worse yet- start putting a cage in my wife's...
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    speed channel (speedvision) petition

    read the link & sign of you agree. The quality of speed has gone totally downhill since the buy out, and I have nearly quit watching it all together because of this. Bring back touring car racing and rally cars, and a little less nascar & crap shows like "pinks"! here is the link web page
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    GT40NA carbon fiber car

    for sale is gt40na car #4. yellow/black stripes, black interior driven less than 150 miles and carbon fiber parts everywhere! (even the seat belt bezels and radiator support) built in Indianapolis by gt40na & Derrick Walker racing. assembled by indy car techs & engineers. Chief...
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    GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed *SOLD*

    My focus was to make this as nice/practical a "reliable/street driver" as possible. Extra attention has been spent on (often overlooked) important items, such as; a reliable self bleeding cooling system, a/c climate& control plumbing, WIRING!, and heat/sound insulation. The engine is a...
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    New kit coming spring of 05 !

    I guess it's my turn to play "show and tell". Here's what I have been doing "behind the scenes" for the last 10 months or so. I am working closely with the engineering team at Premier Motorsports, as a technical consultant, for the upcoming 'Premier GT' kits. We are using the latest CAD/CAM...
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    GT40NA on ebay

    own a carbon fiber bodied car w/ a 351 and alot of other goodies for not much more than a nice fiberglass one! here's the link. web page
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    Gulf flares wanted

    I'm entering the "bodywork" phase of my NZ car project and am considering putting Gulf flares on it. (front and rear) I know that RF and ERA offer them as options for their kits, but I'm not sure if they will sell a set to me for an "off-brand" car. I will contact them, but would like to know...
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    selling my GT40NA

    for sale is GT40NA car #4. yellow/black stripes, black interior driven less than 100 miles built in Indianapolis by GT40NA & Derrick Walker racing. assembled by indy car techs & engineers. Chief technical engineer on the project is Andrew Broadley,,son of Eric Broadley (the...
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    need assistance from members in the UK.

    I have purchased a "spare" gearbox that is located in the Leverington,Norwich area in the UK. The seller does not wish to bother with shipping it, and requests that it be picked up locally. Can anyone in the area pick up this unit, possibly put it in a crate, and arrange to ship it to me in...
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    Get together in Topeka

    A number of Mid America Cobra Club members stopped by yesterday to get a look at the GT40 replicas. I've had the car for a few weeks now and haven't had a chance to go drive it yet....... I have a few little trim items to finish on the car, and have been quite busy lately with my "day...
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    GT40NZ updated pics

    Hi all. Just wanted to check in and show some of the most recent pics of my GT40NZ. I used to have a nice assortment of them on my clubphoto page, but then had to "remove" them temporarily, due to a "life altering experience"..... The bad news is that I have not even touched the project since...
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    Mountney 13" steering wheels

    Mountney 13\" steering wheels I have 3 brand new (still in the wrapper) 13 inch mountney steering wheels. They are (black) three spoke, "flat" wheels. I do not have any hubs so you will need to get a hub for whatever steering column you are using. I'm asking $100(US, plus shipping) each. you...
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    who makes the most compact distributor?

    Well, after working on my car for the first day & a half, I have the engine & trans mounted in the chassis. After I tightened all of the mounts, I decided to "drop" my distributor into place to check the clearance. The ditrib fit fine until I installed the cap on it. It sits so close to the...
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    First pics of my GT40NZ

    web page
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    Handbuilt Mercedes SLR

    I know this is off topic, as it is not a GT40 replica...... ....BUT I think it is worth taking a look at, as someone has put an enormous amount of work into this. see the pics on this page web page
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    source for mountney steering wheels?

    Anyone know of a reliable source for mountney steering wheels? I'm looking at a flat-13inch black 3 spoke (w/black spokes)in order to have GT40-period looks. Lots of internet sites list them in the UK.
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    Which Car?

    The "what other cars have you owned" thread, sort of started me thinking. If you were in the market today, for a new daily driver/commuter car, what would you buy? I have always liked the styling of older iron more than most newer cars, but recently there have been some impressive offerings...
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    McLaren monocoque on e-bay???

    A little "off topic" since this isn't a GT40, but very interesting. I thought some might like to see this. Of course, I "had" a complete M6 body and windshield, which I practically gave away, just a few months ago here is the link...