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    Raceseng Slammer Shift Knob

    For sale is a Raceseng Slammer Shift Knob that I had custom made with Graziano shift pattern and RCR shifter tread pattern. It is a brushed finish that I used enamel paint to color in the engraving. Not the cleanest job, but someone with patience could clean it up. The Slammer is a heavy knob to...
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    RCR GT-R Parts for Sale

    Please email me at [email protected] if interested in any of the following parts. My location is West Chester, PA. Buyer will pay shipping cost. 1) New Factory front and rear rotors off my GT-R - probably fit SLC also. $125 for all four. SOLD 2) Adjustable pedal bracket (solid piece and nicely...
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    Anyone get their RCR kit Graziano shipped recently?

    I have been unable to get an answer on when my Graziano will ship to my builder from RCR. Has anyone been waiting for one and got one recently? My builder wants to progress with the build however without a transaxle he will soon be at a standstill. If its going to be a extended wait I will...
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    sparco spx

    Does anyone know if this seat would fit in a GT-R? I have found info about seats in the superlite but not much on the GT-R. I realize the interior is much larger on the GT-R. The seat is the Sparco SPX. Looks like a nice seat for a GT-R. Sparco SPX Racing Seat*|*Free Shipping!