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  1. Callaghan

    SPFMK2 Coil over swap

    Dear 40 Forum folks, My stock "Bilstein" front shocks gave up on me. The plan is to go up 50lbs spring front and rear and do a double adjustable and realignment, hopefully minus the bump-steer. Is there a make of coil-over that is a straight swap or is it a custom size? Any guidance would be...
  2. Callaghan

    Throttle cable length

    Stock Superformance throttle cable length is 121" Sleeve length with threaded ends is 104" Peddle box end is a clovis type cable is 1/16" thick I looked everywhere for these measurements and couldn't find them so here they are for posterity... Don't be stupid like me and keep...
  3. Callaghan

    Silly short about my build

    Please (try to) enjoy a short silly (3min) video of my build. Link to either YouTube or Vimeo Pick your overlord... GT40 The Birth copy - YouTube GT40_The_Birth copy on Vimeo
  4. Callaghan

    SPF Headlight alternative

    Greeting, Was wondering if anyone had found a decent replacement/alternative/upgrade for the factory Superformance headlights. Not sure if all the SPF cars come with garbage lights or I just got a Friday car. Oddly the fog lights are nice and bright. Cheers Callaghan
  5. Callaghan

    Fire supression

    Not really sure where to put this post so I'm guessing here... Did a little (very little)forum search and the most recent thread (I found) on fire systems was 2007.(I will keep digging) I'd love to hear an opinion/tips/knowledge/experiences on Fire Suppression set ups. I intend on installing...
  6. Callaghan

    2x2 and the GrapVine

    I have crazy luck... sometimes bad, sometimes good. I suppose better than no luck. Driving over the Grapevine on the 5 Northbound I tried to go around some fellow motorists. As you all know these cars have their own gravity. As in attracting satellite cars hovering with cellphones plastered to...
  7. Callaghan

    Hateful 8, a painful update

    I hadn't thought a build log was necessary on this car but I'm hundreds of hours in with my own time and now this.... So this was supposed to be the part where I said I'm so happy to have the car finally home. Driving my lady for the first time in my new GT40 and stopping in out of the way...
  8. Callaghan

    Hateful 8, a hard won '40 for an FNG

    Hello Forty Forum Folks. I am, at last, picking up my car! It's been a fulfilling, long learning process. One of the things I learned (of the uncountable lessons) is that this is a car you must earn. At least in my case. But, by all accounts it has made it a real adventure I never saw coming. So...
  9. Callaghan

    Hello from NorCal

    Recently ordered a MKII looking forward to "the big day". I'm a motorcycle guy so this is will be mostly new to me so I appreciate everyones patience if I post in the wrong place etc..
  10. Callaghan

    Power choices

    I've recently placed an order for a SPF Mk2 GT40 and am trying to come to a decision on power. Looking at Shelby, Windsor, and Roush. I've heard some issues with aluminum blocks have risen recently but nothing first hand. I would very much appreciate some guidance from the learned crowd. I have...