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    Free to any UK owners

    I have “insufficient privileges “ to post in the parts for sale section, and they’re not for sale so hope it’s ok to post here. 4 x GTD shocks and springs. Obviously used but no visible leaks, free if you can collect from RM14. No Im NOT posting. If no interest, they’re going in the skip PM me...
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    Rear caliper ID

    These are granada/siera type calipers aren’t they?
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    Most expensive GTD?

    This has got to be a contender....
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    Front calliper ID

    Anybody know what these are?
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    a joint enterprise between Ford and Terry Dury racing. Terry sadly passed in 2017 but was owner of at least 2 original GT40’s and possibly a spare Tennants chassis.
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    Here we go again.....

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    Air con condenser

    What size is usually fitted to a GT40 replica? Thanks Simon
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    Looking for various parts to fit a TS40 (UK)

    Ok gents, I realise I’ll probably be buying at least some of these parts new, but just thought I’d put a note on here to see if anybody has any parts going spare they would like to sell..... I need..... Wiring loom ( Only if it's new and spare!) Seats 302 crossover exhaust Instruments Air...
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    Quickest build?

    Not really sure which section to post this under (admin please move if not here) but I'm interested to see what is the quickest build time that has been recorded for a GT40 kit? I know they can drag on for years (part of the reason I sold my last part completed project) but if you have all the...
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    Look for a GT40 project

    I think my time as a GT40 owner/builder may have now passed, but inspired by my passion for them, my son in law has now decided he would like to try his hand at building one (assisted by you know who) He’s asked me to see if there are any (UK based) part completed projects out there that might...
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    GTD rear calipers

    Very little use. Been sat for a while but all moving freely. Collection only £30
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    GTD balljoints

    QH PART NUMBERS QSJ662S Box of six unused £30 Collection only Pm me Simon
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    GT40 replica prices

    It seems sadly (for owners at least) that the prices of GT40 replicas, well at least those in the UK, has plummeted in the past few months. Stories of unsold cars with specialist dealers are being told and just today, a very respectable and correctly registered GTD40 was sold at the Bonhams...
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    Fabulous 917 film on GT

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but today’s Grand Tour has a beautiful film on the 917, complete with Dickie Attwood driving one in anger at the age of 78........glorious! Simon
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    15” tyres for sale collection east London uk £250
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    “They shall not grow old”

    Watched the premiere of the film last night. A difficult watch at times, but amazing, gory, bloody but magnificent. Voiced entirely by survivors of the conflict. Its a must see film. Some of the attitudes of the soldiers at the beginning who couldn’t wait to sign up is an eye opener. The...
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    Looking for someone to IVA my car

    I have a Hawk 289 cobra replica. As I’ve recently bought a GTD that I’m doing work on, 2 grandchildren to help look after and a house to work on, I’m finding I don’t have as much time to work on the 289. It’s a fully finished, up and driving car which has NOT been through the SVA and is...
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    GTD bracket wanted

    Looking for the gearbox bracket that holds the rear of the gearchange cables in place (see pic) Anybody got one? Thanks Simon
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    Best QR steering wheel

    There’s a quick release steering wheel on my GTD already, but while it’s pretty straightforward to put on and off, it’s fair to say there’s more than a touch of slack. I like having the removable wheel option, but what’s the best (ie “tightest”) QR setup? I’ve heard good things about the “works...