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    CAV head light mounting

    Hi guys, Can you help me out with pictures of your mounted head lights? I have CABIE lights and I'm having a heck of a time mounting them. Any description as well would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!! Carman CAV # 91
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    CAV wiper motor wiring

    can anyone help me regarding wiring up the wiper motor. I am not using the wiring loom from the factory but I am using the factory wiper motor. I am using Painless wiring. we need to figure out how to wire the motor so it self parks and operates correctly. I am using Lucas switches on the dash...
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    Going to Scottsdale Arizona

    Hi guys, I'm heading to Scottsdale for a quick 6 day golf getaway with some buds. my CAV gt40 should be all complete before the end of this year. Love to try and hook up with anyone in the area and have a look around a completed car. it doesn't have to be a CAV but it would be cool to see one...
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    lower rectangular lights

    Hi all, I started to read over past threads on this but went cross eyed trying to find info. I'm looking for a supplier and part number for these lights. Cav discontinued them and are now using a round light with intergraded indicators. I would love help on finding these please. I already have...
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    Going to la la land, love to see some 40s

    Hi guys, I'm still in tear down of my Cav # 91 fixing crap work. I'm heading to LA for 6 days and wounder if any members there would like to hook up for a coffee and show off your 40s. I need to keep focused on the finish line and seeing a car or two would be awesome. Living in Toronto in the...
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    8 stack close to header. heat problems

    Help please. I purchased an 8 stack fuel injection for my 302 stroker and the headers are very close to the last two stacks. The headers are at best about an inch and a half away. I will ceramic coat the headers but is it going to still be too much heat? Can anyone tell me if you have the...
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    Original 40's steering wheel emblem

    I have an emblem for my CAV that I got off a guy that reads ford gt. I would like to keep things as close to original as possible and wondering did the original cars emblem say gt 40 or ford gt. Any one ? Thanks Carman
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    Bundle of snakes headers zf or Audi

    Hi, Does anyone know if the bundle of snakes headers built for an Audi trans will fit over a zf trans. I have a 302 and want to use cav built headers for an Audi setup for my zf trans setup on my 302. Anyone ? Carman
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    Radiator fans

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a good source for rad fans? Looking on line but would love some input. Thanks Carman
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    Bullet style vintage mirrors

    Can anyone let me know where I can get bullet style vintage mirrors for my CAV #91. I'm on a few web sites that offer reproduction ones but I had to return one set because they were too small and cheap feeling. price can range from $50 to $500 each. It's hard to tell if what's offered is a...
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    CAV #91 suspension upgrades

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I purchased my CAV #91 about a year ago. I sent the car to body prep while I purchased parts from the factory. I read up a lot about the upgraded suspension and couldn't wait to start the build. After major head scratching I've concluded a lot of...
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    cav #91

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I purchased my CAV #91 around a year ago. I started my build during that time purchasing parts from the factory. After reading a lot about the car I knew I should upgrade the suspension. I'm having major issues with control arm mounts lining up and have had to...