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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Terry, progress has been slow, but I love every minute of it. Chris, there is a diagonal in the future for the roll hoop, and the removable x-member over the engine seems like the best solution for engine/trans removal. I wanted to double check the front width before breaking it all apart...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    This a later version of the chassis model.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    This past week I mounted the rack into the cradle. New ball joints are on the to-do list. Don't let the grass in the background fool you, Its been cold these past several days on the east coast.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Happy Holidays everyone. here's an update on the CLK -GTR build. I made a few changes to the chassis design, among them were a new front suspension crossmember. I cut out the old corvette steering rack mounts to re-use, they're located in the crossmember with the jig pictured. It picks up the...
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    Make the Noise!!

    The opening take on the "Naked Gun" theme and Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln had me hooked. I'm all in on this one. -Vinny
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    Making a simple buck or mold.

    Russell, I would suggest making the full body in alloy over a wire frame buck, The car would be amazing. And you get to buy new tools. Its a win-win . -Vinny
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    Looking for an affordable body. No longer looking

    Congrats on finding a body Steve, -Vinny
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    Photo Contest

    Love the car Neil, you got my vote. -Vinny
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    Scratch Build - Lola T-70 MK-3B body

    Great use of OEM parts Steveo, I'm a believer in using as much 'off-the-shelf' components to keep my build budget (and marriage) from getting blown out of the water. I'm also running Corvette brakes/suspension but find the choice of aftermarket wheels dissapointing. Keep us updated ,-Vince
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    Homebuilt Mid-Engine Sports Racer

    Great build you have there Neil, I watched the more detailed build diary video you have up in addition to this one , very nice work. -Vinny
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    I raised the rear upper x-member to clear the tail of the transmission, I plan to make this part a bolt-in affair for pulling the motor/trans as a whole. Last weekend I picked up a pair of used Kirkey Alum seats that should serve the purpose.. Lastly I included a pic of the car that is the...
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    No tool engine removal

    Fellas, fellas, you are having the wool pulled over your eyes. What appears to be a show-stopping explosion in the video posted at the opening of the thread is merely CGI computer graphics. There are a numerous mistakes: like the grandstand crowd on the right not reacting to the huge explosion...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Adding control arm tabs and test fitting the Corvette C5 rear suspension and brakes.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Tacking together the rear cradle earlier today.
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    I've been looking for a set of wheels/tires with the Corvette bolt pattern to match the hub and brakes, I'm not fond of the choice of designs available, but I came upon a set of Z06 wheels in 18'' so cheap I couldn't pass on them. The rears are worn so I've picked up a replacement pair to swap...
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    I've been working on improving the chassis drawing, trying to create a better load path throughout. Also glad to say I've picked up my motor after a long search, 2001 Audi 2.7 twin turbo. -Vinny
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Thanks for noticing that Tom, what part of New York are you in ?
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Working further on the chassis model, adding side pontoons and front cowl/scuttle structure. Opinions are greatly appreciated. . Also been looking at the various sizes of Fuel Cells available. I am looking at placing a slim 17 gallon-64.5 liter (7'' wide x 30'' across x17 high) Cell behind the...
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    John, I don't know how you build at such a pace, if looking at my pile of parts and scratching my head counted I would still be a county mile behind you. The car looks fantastic. I can't wait to see her done. Cheers , Vinny
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    Starting my GTR chassis build

    Hi Mike, I'll be making the body in alloy and plan to be flexible with the final dimensions. The car is more of a 'tribute' than spot on reproduction. I appreciate the heads up on the windshield , New York can be a bear trying to register a home built car. Thanks for the kind words. -Vinny