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  1. blueovalz

    Bryan's GT-Forte build

    930. I paid about 3K for it about 5 years ago, spent another 3.5K for a G-Box rebuild, and some minor "inverted" mods for oil cooler/plugs, and that was it. The synchro design is to me the only detractor for this box. Reasonably lightweight, the above attributes, and geared (ratios) well for V8...
  2. blueovalz

    Bryan's GT-Forte build

    Hope I'm correct on this, but the 930 inverted easily allows a dry sump with good engine/transaxle ground clearance, plus the shift pattern is the normal "H" (using shift rod rather than cables). I think the G50 changes the pattern or reverses it. Shifting takes a little bit of care, especially...
  3. blueovalz

    slc rear scoop

    Effective, efficient, and cheap. Can't beat that.
  4. blueovalz

    Fiero with longitudinal Audi V8

    Quite a build there Mark. Glad to see the progress!
  5. blueovalz

    LBC Build Log - Apex

    Well done. AND your headers have a nice "glow" to them.
  6. blueovalz

    KVA Citroën C35 gearbox slave & master

    I've found that there are any number of small-car masters that can be easily adapted, with the proper bore. I used a Mitsubishi simply because I could buy a spare easily and cheaply from just about anywhere, had the proper bore and stroke needed, and could easily fit my application.
  7. blueovalz

    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    Some fine work there Russell!
  8. blueovalz

    Red car in Iowa

    Russell, I believe that is a 911 or 930 rack (not sure of the difference between the two), and it's the same one I use. Very quick turn ratio though, so...
  9. blueovalz

    O2 Sensor Location?

    Plan B seems to be fine. 3 or 9 o'clock or higher (as per Jasper).
  10. blueovalz

    No weld fusion on frame welds?

    I don't have a dog in this one, but why would it matter the material? Wouldn't any failed chassis weld be a concern? Granted, there was some unusual energy (impact) put onto this, but this is a pretty clean break. Perhaps the photo from a different anglel would show some distortion prior to failure?
  11. blueovalz

    Discrepancy in header temperatures between both cylinder banks

    Make sure the throttle plates are equal on both sides (or between cylinders). On my individual stack injection, a very slight difference in the openings (angles) at idle position produced some temperature differences that disappeared once off idle. At idle, with the plates nearly closed at idle...
  12. blueovalz

    Front upright geometry

    Glad to see this question, being I struggled with this a couple of years ago as well. I built my own uprights using a piece of billet, and the focus of mine was reducing the queried (flange) dimension as much as possible in order to decrease scrub radius, and increase arm length (for a given...
  13. blueovalz

    Rear Tire to Wheel Well Clearance

    It was an idea to get you back on the road considering the challenge to find the correct part. Hopefully a dusty one is sitting in a bin somewhere waiting for you.
  14. blueovalz

    Wanted: RCR40 Mk1 Lower Rear Control Arm (Early Design)

    Here is his photo on the truck bed, and using the bed grooves as a grid (enhanced by my yellow boxes), you can see that the front part of the right arm is too far forward, thus the arm has to be pushed rearward at the wheels, which rotates it (yellow arrow), causing the need to extend the rear...
  15. blueovalz

    Red car in Iowa

    I used a 2008 Prius EPAS. The default fail-safe mode doesn't require anything other than 12VDC, and is plenty of assist, with no additional control boxes, sensor inputs, or anything. I had to shorten mine in order to fit under the dash, which was a fair amount of work, but it all came together...
  16. blueovalz

    Hello from Auckland, NZ

    I was big into the S30s for a while as well, before I got bit by the rear-mid-engine crisis. Welcome!!
  17. blueovalz

    Rear Tire to Wheel Well Clearance

    Hmmm, that's some jacked up stuff. Another example of regardless of what you're buying, a "builder" by someone else takes an exhaustive amount of inspection to find all the "features" installed by the previous owner or builder. Once all put back together, and still not satisfied, have you...
  18. blueovalz

    slc front sway bar

    I started out with a 3/4" bar in the rear, and a 7/8" in front, left the rear one alone, but increased the front in 1/16" increments to where I'm at with a 1" bar on the front that still allows +/- adjustment, but I'm sure yours will be different.