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    90 Degree Hinge For Sale

    I have a 90-degree rear street tail hinge that I purchased from RCR a couple of weeks ago, but have decided not to use. If you would like it for $100 plus shipping, please PM me.
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    Master Cylinder Sizes

    Ken made a comment on another thread that got me to thinking and researching. As near as I can determine (and I might be wrong, so please someone tell me if I'm wrong): There are three master cylinders included with the SLC kit: two with 3/4" bore (stamped ".75" on the side) and one with...
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    Brake Question

    I am having a problem with the brakes and am wondering if anyone might have seen something similar, or have a solution? My car has the Tilton floor pedal assembly with balance bar, Brembo brakes and (currently) 5/8" Wilwood Master cylinders. There are about 100 street miles on the car and brake...
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    Fuel Filling and Venting

    My car had an issue with a fuel smell in the garage and cockpit. The tank vent was a simple line that went up above the level of the tank and then down to the bottom of the frame. The smell was corrected with the addition of a valve Fuel Cell Pressure Relieving Vent Valve, In-Line, 6AN Male |...
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    Spare Mirrors

    If anyone needs a set of side mirrors as supplied with the SLC kit, I have a set available that I didn't use (I adapted Corvette mirrors to my car). I have no idea what they're worth; If you need a set, for a reasonable price they're yours.
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    Another SLC hits the streets

    After 4 years of building, my SLC just received its license and registration and is now free to roam the streets. I'd like to thank everyone who posted on this forum - it was tremendously valuable during the build. Some of the details for the car include: - License plate backup camera that...
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    Power Side Mirrors

    Has anyone considered powered side mirrors? I know for most people this is not an issue, but part of getting the boss to buy in to an SLC project was the requirement that she be able to drive it as well - even though that's not likely to happen very often. She has already asked about the...
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    SLC Infotainment Option

    As everyone knows, the options for installing navigation and audio electronics in the SLC are somewhat limited due to the small amount of available space. Most car equipment is 6-7" deep, which makes it tough for a center-dash installation. It is possible to install bluetooth-enabled...
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    Cover Plate

    Has anyone found a good source for hood/decklid latch cover plates? Pg. 156 of manual v.2.5 says that polished stainless trim covers can be purchased from RCR, but according to RCR, they don't sell these. Attached is a sample picture from the manual, though the hole cutout seems a bit...
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    Door Latches and Locks

    Based on how the mechanism works, it appears the door latches supplied with the kit need to be installed with the one marked "R" on the left door and the one marked "L" on the right door. The two latches are mirror images of each other, so the mounting holes are different. I'm about to start...
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    Bleeding Brakes

    This may be a dumb question, but I'm having trouble bleeding the brakes. The car has the stock Tilton Series 600 pedal set that came with the kit. Using a pressure bleeder combined with the traditional pedal pumping and nipple valve cycling, we got the pedal rock hard (yaay!), but by the time...
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    LS Engine won't start

    Hi guys, I recently tried to start the engine in my SLC for the first time, but it won't start and I'm looking for ideas. - New LS7 Crate Engine - GM Performance Engine Controller Kit - Fuel pressure is 60 psi verified at the rails - Oil pressure builds to 60 psi with cranking - Will...
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    Headliner to Roof Connection

    For you guys with an interior, how are you mounting the ceiling/headliner of the car to the body roof? Bonding looks like it would be the cleanest way to do it, but this would mean that if the body ever has to be removed in the future (e.g. for servicing the windshield wiper motor or for...
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    Battery Box

    Here are some pictures of one way to do a battery box. Although, it's not really a box. More like a tray with a clamp. I am using a Shorai LFX36L3-BS12. Comments on one of the Corvette forums are generally positive after more than a year of operation. It is 6.6" x 3.4" x 6.1" tall and weighs...
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    Door Seals

    What are you guys using for door seals/weatherstripping? Any part numbers or sources?
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    Fuel Senders

    I'm sure there is a thread on this somewhere, but I can't find it and wanted to follow up with some more info. The fuel sender supplied with my SLC kit is designed to be used with the Koso gauge. It is a 3-wire sender, requiring voltage input to make its tiny computer brain generate a...
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    Fluids and Capacities

    In case it helps someone, here are some notes on the fluids that went into my (ls7) SLC: Engine Oil: 8 quarts Mobil 1 (synthetic) 5W30 Coolant: 16 quarts DexCool mix. (this is the total capacity. 8 qts coolant and 8 qts distilled water). Brake fluid: Dot 3 around 1 quart including some spillage...
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    Intake Saddle

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to build a saddle to support the back of the intake? (see arrow in picture). Thanks for any tips!
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    With the help of a welder friend, we just finished the rear exhaust on my LS7/Graziano. Here is what we did: Parts: 1) 2 FlowMaster Hushpower DBX mufflers 2) 1 U-Bend 3) 2 clamps...
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    Thread Sealer

    I have been having a hard time finding a thread sealer to use on the NPT fittings on the fuel tank that will withstand ethanol in gasoline. I have investigated a number of products advertised as being gasoline resistant, but none of them claimed to be ethanol resistant and based on postings on...