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    Everyone on GT40s. It's going to be interesting that's for sure. I celebrate New Year by going into hospital for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it went when I get out! All the best, Keith
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    Do you Remember the Awful Jokes?

    We used to feature reams and reams of the most unfunny jokes & puns ever displayed on the Internet in the 'Good Old Days' of GT40's when we were all damp behind the ears. They were so unfunny, they made you laugh (or groan). In loving memory of a vanished tradition, take these! One of them...
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    An Unexpected (but very welcome) visitor

    Hi everyone. Not much happens in Hardy towers these days but I'd like to mention a chap who dropped in to see me today. He is very much part of the GT40 fraternity or should I say GT42.5, him owning a DAX '40. Yes of course, It's Ian Anderson who, unfortunately for us southern shandies, took...
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    Is gt40' important to you?

    Hey guys, the site has reached a kind of impasse in that it needs some cash and time input because stuff is broken and won't get fixed. Ron has told me it needs circa $2,000 to fix it and he has neither the cash or the time to do it. (He has a high power job that takes much of his time at the...
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    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone, I've had a few "'mare" weeks but I'm back in harness, at least for the medium term. Play nicely! :shout:
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    Tom Petty

    The news isn't good today is it? RIP Tom, just 66 years young. He was a class act...
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    John Nicholson

    I was very shocked to hear that John Nicholson passed away today. For those that do not know him he was the Nicholson in Nicholson McLaren probably the foremost DFV builder of his day and beyond. Like many Kiwis, John was an extraordinary engine builder and he could name many of the top F1 teams...
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    Never get tired of seeing this:

    Race Engine Porn.....:thumbsup:
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    Muslim Madmen Strike Again

    This time London. Van and knife attack. Three dead many injured. Wearing 'fake suicide belts. Cowardly wankers. As always, I sincerely hope no friends or relatives of gt40s members were involved and condolences to those families who have suffered bereavements...:worried: I have no...
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    And Another.. Greg Allman..

    Blimey, they're falling like nine-pins. It's the age group I'm afraid. There's going to be many more these next few years until all the rock & roll heroes are dead, but so will their audience be. It is fitting... The world will not see their like again.. RIP Greg Allman; Chris Cornell..
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    Another Motorport Hero gone..

    Tragically at just 35. Nicky Hayden - victim of a bicycle/car road accident. Survived the crash but died of his injuries today in hospital... So young too.. RIP
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    What's Happening Today?

    That's what...
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    My Kind of Racecar Porn

    Awesome! What a stunner. Recent Goodwood members meeting. Pics courtesy of
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    In the PC Race - Canada Wins!

    Sorry Canucks but really..... :shocked: Man has personalised number plate withdrawn due to 'offensive' surname
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    British Weather

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    And now,, Chuck Berry..

    RIP. Thanks for the music mate... Geez, they're all popping off, still he was 94 - a great innings...
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    Oh no! John Surtees!

    As some people here might know, I worked for the Surtees family back in the '60's mainly with brother Norman but occasionally with the 'big' man himself during the Honda S800 sports car franchise. Other people will put it far more eloquently than me but he didn't get the title 'gentleman' for...
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    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame..

    What does it mean? It sounds like some kind of cheap scam to me but others may have a different point of view...
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    Happy Burns Night and remember...

    IMPORTS of traditional Scottish haggis have been banned in the United States since 1971. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has long objected to one of the key ingredients in haggis – sheep's lung. No food for human consumption, whether made locally in the USA or imported from overseas, can...