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    Any Gt-R or SLC cars in Socal?

    Hi guys. Gearing up towards the last stretch of savings. Move to California and was wondering if any forum member is working on or has a kit they wouldn't mind showing? Would love to see a GT-R first and foremost but love the SLC as well. I'm located in long beach, willing to drive and bring...
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    Paul's build thread. (9 months away)

    Hey guys, I introduced myself in the appropriate thread. I'm from New Orleans but currently live in California for work. Im about 9 months away from ordering my GT-R from Fran and his company. I've restored 2 cars in the past 12 years, a 1971 Torino and a 2nd gen fbody. I've never tackled a...
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    Anyone have pictures of the GT-R Fiberglass Tub?

    Looking to get a little more solid and expand my understanding of assembly of the interior.
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    Paul From New Orleans

    Just want to say hi! I'm currently searching for something that will inspire me again. I've built two cars already. 1 being a 71 ford torino and the other being a 2nd gen Trans am. Hopefully in a few months with the blessings from our higher up, i'll have the financials to purchase a RCR-GTR...