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    Free to any UK owners

    Now spoken for
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    Free to any UK owners

    I have “insufficient privileges “ to post in the parts for sale section, and they’re not for sale so hope it’s ok to post here. 4 x GTD shocks and springs. Obviously used but no visible leaks, free if you can collect from RM14. No Im NOT posting. If no interest, they’re going in the skip PM me...
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    Tornado GT 40 Build

    Thats going to be quite a car! top man....
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    GTD40 build manual

    I’d forgotten I’d put it there!
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    GTD40 build manual

    It’s quite possible that the GTD build manual Mike has is the one I scanned many years ago (with the approval of Ray Christopher) I still have the original scans of the build manual and wiring diagram somewhere. Is there anywhere it could be hosted for future download? ie GT40 Enthusiasts Club...
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Jack, We’ve all been daunted by electrics. Unless you’ve got a modern engine with tons of electronics, it’s well worth familiarising yourself with the intricacies of a wiring loom. You may find there’s a “eureka” moment when it all fits into place. That looks an interesting project. You've got...
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    Look for a GT40 project

    I’m pretty sure that even in the UK, the amount of unfinished GT40 kits may very well run into the 100’s. It’s possible to find an unfinished KVA kit popping up from time to time and they stopped making them 25-30+ years ago! The amount of part completed Tornados and GTD’s must be substantial...
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    Rear caliper ID

    Yes, pretty sure you’re right
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    Rear caliper ID

    These are granada/siera type calipers aren’t they?
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    Front calliper ID

    Neil are the Jaguar calipers 3 pot? simon
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    Most expensive GTD?

    This has got to be a contender....
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    Front calliper ID

    Anybody know what these are?
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    a joint enterprise between Ford and Terry Dury racing. Terry sadly passed in 2017 but was owner of at least 2 original GT40’s and possibly a spare Tennants chassis.
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    ERA Mk I for SALE ***SOLD***

    That is a magnificent car!
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    Any body seen the movie Le Mans 66?

    Excellent film, go see it without and form of pedant hat on and enjoy it for what it is.....a great film filled with GT40’s and Cobras. Too many people getting hung up on the minutiae of thing that “aren’t right” it’s not a documentary it’s just a bloody good watch. Simon
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    Here we go again.....

    Sadly I’ve now sold the car. After much consideration between my son in law and myself, we decided a car built from scratch would just take too long with the limited amount of time we both have available. We’re now actively looking for another but now for something that’s much farther down the...
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    Look for a GT40 project

    I won’t get into why I wouldn’t buy anything from that seller.......