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    FS USA Graziano / LS3 dual disk kevlar billet clutch complete

    This was built by HCF Parts for use in an SLC, or any car that has a Graziano/LS3 with the same thickness engine adapter Has 400-500 miles on it (break in). I attempted to start turning up the power but got a slightly bit if slip @ 850ft lbs of torque. one of the downsides of kevlar.. it...
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    SL-C electric water pump questions

    I would be VERY surprised if you can cool the car if driven hard on a race track with a single electric pump. Two as howard mentioned will probably be required. I had planned to go that route, but was able to make a custom accessory drive to fit a big daddy mechanical pump from Meziere (bottom...
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    "new" Superlite Graziano shifter

    Anybody have this dude up and running? Input? Any detail on shift cable requirements? I had planned to use a Numeric shifter (and still am for now) but i definitely see the issues with a non gated shifter. I have some possible solutions, but we'll see. Last week I was just going to order the...
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    Scandinavian SL-C build

    Thanks for the intel. Funny about cleaning. I am the same way. I feel great when I clean the garage, not so much for the kitchen
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    Scandinavian SL-C build

    Looks great! I am using the same electronics package (AIM MXS + Dominator). Holley told me to pound sand on the CAN bus integration, but AIM said they had it worked out. I assume you got the info from AIM, or did you have to do some CAN sniffing and work it out yourself? (mine isnt wired yet)
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    CamT's build thread

    FYI, Ive got a brand new tensions extra from my build I would sell if somebody just wants to add the tensioner. (cheap, I dont want it to go to waste)
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    Fling SLC Build Thread

    240 is high side of ok, 260 is an alarm.
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    Graziano Shifter

    Question on the Graz shifter motion. on my porsche when I move the stick to the left( driver side) it PUSHES the cable. is this correct for the graz?
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    Graziano Shifter

    Thanks Ron! Very good to know. Can you share who you had do the cables for the numeric to graziano relationship :)
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    Graziano Shifter

    Long time reader :) I am not building an SLC, but love the platform and have made friends with a few owners. What I do have is a Graziano going into a Cayman. I have struggling to find a shifter and I understand from Fran that his 100% new shifter is not in production yet. Anybody have a...
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    Dean's In car video from Run n Gun

    Dean- I know it is not on your schedule, but I would recommend slotting in some time with me at MSR-C (Cresson, TX). It is one of the best tracks I have ever run for learning and teaching a high downforce car. There are several turns there that are effected by wings, but have TONS of run off so...
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    Dean's In car video from Run n Gun

    Dean- looks like a helluva ride!! If you ever want some professional instruction, I am not too far from ya.
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    SL-C 002 build Bob DeNyse

    Bob- The car is mostly "top" area (front nose and rear wing) so the car will go away some what gradually. faster than a non areo car, but nothing too crazy. Just remember that your cornering speeds will be much faster, which WILL make the car go away faster.
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    Rumbles SLC Build

    Mail order tunes are fine as long as the combination is "normal". The biggest thing outside of normal on an SLC would be the MAF position. I would suspect that a canned tune would be ok as a starting point, but at the very least I would rescale the MAF table.
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    SL-C 002 build Bob DeNyse

    What pads? Check out Cobalt Friction..
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    Yos' SLC Build Thread

    Looks good!
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    SLC 001 Build

    Also the Poly Carb has a different coefficient of thermal expansion than the material around it, and c-sunk hardware does not allow it to "float" properly.
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    Dean's SLC track test and tune

    If you are looking for even more grip, check out Michelins. We have done quite a bit of testing, and they are the fastest.. just dont last the longest ;)
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    Building a center dash display - feedback?

    random.. but you do NOT need a special windshield for a HUD. i have updated other cars with HUDs, and did not swap windshields. It is about 90% as good.