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    Does anyone know about valkyrie GT 40 lookalike? It is Valkyrie factory built in USA (US friends plse help me out), but quite far from a closer thing, like KVA, GTD, Tornado etc. It seems it has been a lot in hillclimbing in US, and is based on steel frame (not tubular). It has chevy...
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    Auto trans GT40 any ideas?

    Hi Guys The toronado/cadillac system has the problem, that the engine is wrong way around. Otherwise, I love the idea; the auto tranny would give possibility to all kind of exotic shift types. GT 40 mk II/IV tried some auto trans systems, that were not so successful, but I think there is...
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    Most % out of donor car

    We have funny registration/car taxes in my country of staying (Finland). The primary issue is the taxation: less than 50% from a donor car needs 120%car taxes (added to new price) added plus all the funny E-safety tests if the car is less than 25 yrs old.) etc. for the cost of Zillion... We...
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    GT 40 replica tranaxles

    Can somebody help on "total performance" tranny? Renault gives up under 300hp, Citroen you can forget immediately, Some people have good feelings w/Audi and seems that Porsche G-series is much wanted. Of course ZF-from Pantera or BMW is good, but difficult to find for a reasonable price. What...