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    Carbon fibre and titanium F1 parts design.

    I found some pictures on an old hard drive of some design projects i worked on from F1 and on a rather special Porsche road car. When i was growing up and interested in this sort of thing i could never find any details on the design and manufacture of this type of part, so for those that are...
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    Fuel level senders and access panel drawing

    Hi, For any scratch builders designing their own tanks, you might find the attached drawings useful. 1 pdf with two pages. One is the installation detail of the ETB instruments lever type fuel level sender, which will help design the fittings and hole in the tank. The other is an oblong...
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    An/jic fitting dimensions

    Hi, Just been designing the fuel tanks for my demo car, and I've recreated a tabulated drawing of the AN/JIC 37 degree taper fittings for all the different dash sizes. Always a handy reference for sizes and threads etc when doing fuel pipes and tanks. I thought it might come in use for other...
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    Useful Build Planner

    Hi guys, I did this simple spreadsheet years ago for generic kit car builds, to help people plan what parts they'll need ahead of the stage they were working on to avoid those annoying delays caused by realising you haven't got all the parts needed. I've updated it for my own purposes for...
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    Setting up shocks (dampers)

    Attached is an article i wrote for a motor racing club many years ago. It might prove a useful article to some GT40 builders, especially those interested in track use. D.
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    Batch of Audi 01E 6 speeds

    Hi all, I've been offered a batch of 6 brand new Audi 6 speed transaxles, but, not sure if the ratios etc are suitable, i've seen so many comments about ratios in build diaries i've read on here, i'm nervous about buying them if they are going to be wrong. The details given to me are below...
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    UK General Election

    As the election campaigns are well underway, and you are supposed to vote for who represents your interests maybe there should be a discussion on whether any of the parties are more or less likely to help our industry/hobby in any way. Personally i feel that the current government have imposed...
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    Silencing - UK IVA

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever tried using Supertrapp style devices for a little extra silencing to sneak through IVA? Another thing that has come to mind on silencing is intake noise. We had dreaful problems with noise regulations when i was a kid doing kart racing. We found there that intake...
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    Tornado Door handle recesses

    If you are a Tornado owner and don't want the expense of buying door handle recess mouldings then drop me a private message as i'm making a few pairs up free of charge to help out some local builders that i've become friendly with. I'm more than happy to help anyone else out who needs some, as...
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    302 to Renault UN1 Adaptor Plate Drawing - Download

    I've done a CAD drawing of the common Ford V8 to renault UN1 adaptor plate. You are all welcome to download it from this link and use it as you see fit if that helps. I personally have used it for accurate dimensions for the engine bolt patterns so i have half a start on the Ford to Audi...
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    Wheel Styes & UK suppliers

    Can anyone help with UK suppliers for decent replica wheels for a 40 replica. I'm looking for options including adators and spinners etc. I've found some decent US suppliers but the exchange rate and shipping is not making them look like an option at the moment. I can bring them in cheaper if...
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    Average build length

    Hi guys, Just for interest i'd love to know how long its taken to build your cars. Maybe you could reply with what kit you have and how much time on average you spend on it each week. Cheers! D.
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    GT40 Replica - UK Race Series

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if there are any UK race series that GT40 replicas, like Tornado, mine, GTD, MDA etc are eligible to race in, reasonably competitively? I've heard that some historic races allow the likes of the Hawk built cars etc to enter, but, i believe they don't welcome the...
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    Porsche G50 gearbox for sale (UK)

    Hi guys, A friend of mine is selling a Porsche G50 gearbox, its done a genuine 14,500 miles from new. Looking at prices here and on Ebay i think its a bit of a bargain as he only wants around £1500. If anyone is interested feel free to drop me a line. Dan - 07859162102
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    GRP Seat Shell Suppiers

    Hi guys, I've noticed on some of the build pages some GRP seat shells that you have been using. Could anyone point me in the right direction to get a pair? UK preferably. Dan.
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    302 to Audi Adapter Plate Supplier

    Despite many hours of trawling the net and this forum, i still can't find a supplier of an Audi transaxle to Ford 302 adapter plate, flywheel, clutch and starter. I feel a bit stupid, because the threads i've read seem to make out that its pretty simple to find a supplier! So can anyone help...