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  1. K.Wilson

    Help with parts to complete RF #36

    Now that I have the engine running, transaxle shifting, and all the electrical sorted out; I need some help sourcing some parts to complete the car. The windshield I got with the car is cracked and I need to source a windshield that will fit a Roaring Forties. I have had some e-mail...
  2. K.Wilson

    Lucas wiper motor nut

    I need the nut that connects the Ferrell where the drive cable leaves the wiper drive to the tube. It appears to be a 14mm x 2mm. The nut goes on this part..... Thank you, Keith
  3. K.Wilson

    Rear Clip Glass Window

    I have searched a lot of past threads on "glass" rear clip windows and see there has been some discussion of a "glass" rear clip window that will fit some of the replicas out there. Is there a "glass" rear window availlable that will fit the RCR GT40 clip? Or, is there one availlable that could...
  4. K.Wilson

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! Just before the holidays last year I sent Fran a check for a RCR GT 40. This has been a journey that started five years ago when I built an engine, transaxle and exhaust system with the intent of purchasing a RF, a change in my family situation stopped the project...
  5. K.Wilson

    Kennedy Engineered Products

    I received my Kennedy Engineered Products adapter kit for the Audi 016 Transaxle last Friday. I had placed a call to them to get a status since Friday was the scheduled delivery date; they looked at the UPS site and said it was sitting beside my garage door. Now how is that for service! Since...
  6. K.Wilson

    Audi 016 vs. 093

    I have been an observer on this forum for the last two years and am now in a position to start my GT40 bulld. I have not made a decision yet as to the type of kit, however, I have decided on the engine (I have a 1965 289HO block and 347 stroker components)and I am looking for an Audi Transaxle...