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    Halloween Costume Ideas

    My wife and I can't seem to come up with a decent costume idea. After last year, everything just seems second rate. Something that everyone will recognize, and won't cost a fortune to make. Our costume from last year was only about $50 total. So, any ideas?
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    Which transaxles can be dog boxed?

    I'm researching transaxles, and am wondering which, if not all, are able to be dog boxed? (straight cut gears) I'm pretty sure the ZFQ is straight cut stock, but is it sequential as well? I'm debating if I want sequential or not, but I do know I want straight cut gears. I tried searching the...
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    New from South Carolina.

    Originally from a farm in Wisconsin, but enlisted and now I'm military and always on the move. I'm looking at getting an RCR kit from Fran in the next three or four years. Next year if certain things play out, and tomorrow if I win he lottery. Ha! I'll be following you geniuses andnasking plenty...