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    Winsor Cylinder Head ID.

    Good Morning to all members I have got myself into a confusing Situatation. I have many sets of cylinder heads all second hand that I have accumalated from the 1960s thru to the late 80s. I started to catolog them for Sale. But have become confused with the numbering system. As an...
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    Visit to Phoenix

    I will be in Phoenix all of next week. I am saying out at Mesa and would like to know of a good parts supply company for engine parts. Footnote. When this Forum was started, One of the partners lived in Phoenix I belive he was a retired Policeman. Or was he Robert Logans rep in the USA. Is he...
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    48 Ida Webber

    Dear GT40 Members I remember reading on the forum, Members thoughs on some of the webber shown. wether they were real or not. (ie) made in the USA verus made in Italy I brought 12 48IDAs in 1971 I still have them brand new in there boxes. Could members tell me wether they are real or...
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    Webber IDA Inlet Manifold

    Dear Members. I have an Inlet Manifold that I would like to sell to a good home rather than sell it on EBAY. The Manifold is for a 427 side oiler. I have owned it since 1969. it came with a mountain of parts that I bought from S&S in Phoenix Arizona in the late 60s early 70s. I am moving...
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    My New Fuel Saver Gulf GT40

    Just Finished My New Fuel Saving Gulf GT40
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    Number plate / Licence Plate lights

    Hi to all. Sometime ago I read an entry from a member in Australia. That he had purchased from the USA. Bolts the hold on the licence plate that are fitted with lights to shine on to the number plate. If this was you or anyone knows where I can purchase such would you let me Know Please...
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    A GT40 at Work

    Try again
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    A GT40 at work

    whilst sorting my photos to put on disk I found this one.
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    A test

    A test to see if my photo appears ok
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    colours of the 2004/2005 GT

    Hi all you super sluths could someone tell me the colour code and brand make of the orange paint on the 2003/2004/2005 GT please I see alot of diecast models getting around painted this orange.So someone must Know. I have spoken to Ford but its like getting blood out of a stone. Thank-you all...
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    Transmission G50/52

    Hoping you Knowledgable folks can help. I have a Model G50/52 2 MO2925 transmission that came from The Good old USA. I would like to find out following please. What type of porsche did it come from. The gear ratios. Crown wheel and pinion ratio. What percentage of limited slip it has. In Fact...