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    Granada parts in USA

    Stuart - You have a private message. Had no email for you.
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    Tire PSI

    Am i reading this wrong? 30-40 psi seems very high. I'm running Goodrich Comp T/A and with a 60 section tyre my pressures are only 20F and 24R. The pressures on the previous post would probably suit me better. If I was running at 30-40 psi, I may as wll fit a bicycle tyre cos it would wear a...
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    Electric demist

    Cheers for the input. Checked the link out and for 22 quid, its probably better than modifying a couple of hairdryers. The guy I originally spoke to was building a Westie but as Jasper said, the amp drain is not really that important due to the fact that it doesn't have to be on for that long...
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    Electric demist

    I looked for this using the search but no matches so here goes at sharing the wealth. I was chatting to a guy today who is building a kit car, no not a '40, and he got onto the subject of heaters. Now the heater fitted to mine rarely gets used as a heater due to heat coming from the centre...
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    Is it really necessary?

    This morning I read a post by someone new to the ’40 website wishing to find out the cost of shipping a ‘40 from US to UK. Strangely one reply back was a little off-beat…asking that he phrase his title better and look through the search feature before posting. From a personal point of view, I...
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    magnesium finishing/refinish

    Don't know whether you want the mag for show, but mag and mag alloy are used for some aircraft applications like gearbox casings etc. Every part of the surface finish must be protected as mag corrodes very quickly and violently weakening the structure. Aircraft applications first degrease then...
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    I rang andy and asked him to send me an anti roll bar plus all fixings. He was paid by Visa and the roll bar arrived a week later as has everything else I've requested from Andy. No problems from Tornado at all.
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    This has no place here. A Forum is a place to air a point of view or offer an opinion and perhaps information. I think a lawyer would be very hard pushed to prove that someone actually wrote something on this forum. My personal rule of thumb is 'don't believe everything you read on the...
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    Transaxle Removal

    Have to agree there, throughout the whole series I've wondered about the abilities of some of the mechanics but the spigot bearing episode was unforgiveable and totally avoidable. I've just removed my transaxle twice with the rear clip still on due to a clutch problem. I manage to separate...
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    spaceframe GT40 kit

    I find it very easy to be cynical regarding 'yet another' '40s manufacturer as well. The truth is that these cars are becoming more and more popular, and more recognised of late due to magazine or TV articles and the launch of the new '40. Mine went out today for the first time this year, and...
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    change renault gearbox to audi

    If I may add a couple of questions on top of Keith's for those 'in the know', I've been following various posts on different transaxles being used in '40s. I'm curious about the strength of the other 'boxes and what sort of horsepower/torque they can take relative to the UN1. Has anyone done a...
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    Wanted:GTD chassis

    GTA, I was merely offering a realistic overview to building a 'professionally' finished '40 from my experiences. I wouldn't like anyone new to this to be under any illusion that these cars are easy or cheap to construct especially from scratch, and even with access to engineering facilities. I...
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    Wanted:GTD chassis

    Chris, you don't seem to be having much luck sourcing a GTD chassis. Having read previous posts from your friend, it appears you are on a budget. I think most on this site would agree that these cars cannot be built to a professional standard without parting with a lot of cash. For example...
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    Ignore User Option

    Have to agree with you guys, it's been getting way off the mark lately and left me wondering about the relevance of some of the questions or statements on this forum. Perhaps I am taking life too seriously. Call me old fashioned but I just want to talk about the cars...not machine guns. I know...
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    GT40 Restoration Site

    This is one debate which will always end in a hung jury. In the end its down to personal preference and moral values. I've checked out this site and the restoration is incredible, the men responsible for the craftsmanship and attention to detail worthy of the title 'artisans'. I have to...
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    GTD Front Camber

    If I remember rightly the GTD setup shims the wishbones, yet the swivels are fixed. The Tornado has a fixed lower wishbone, and the Transit setup you mentioned above which adjusts camber (caster is fixed on mine) coupled to the granada 2 front stub axles. It is a right hand thread Transit Van...
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    Who has built a tornado?

    I think we're getting off the mark here but the comments do raise understandable issues over safety including that of fire. I think it is important to understand what we are talking about here. All these cars are relicas of a 1960s racing car, and as such cannot realistically replicate modern...
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    rev limit for 302?

    This is interesting for me too because mines on a trackday soon. My 302 is older but standard. I was under the impression that the stock rev limit was 5000, momentarily 5500 rpm. Mine has no guts past 5000 anyway and I can't afford another one just yet so I'm careful. It is written that over...
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    Left hand drive with left hand gear change is this possible?

    You can do what you want if you have the right tools! The Bowden cable setup gives flexibility to place the gear lever where you wish. Routing the cables is then up to you. Cable allows flexibility. The Tornado setup uses a solid rod linkage and would have to run down the left hand side of...
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    GT40 Experts

    A typically funny story that I can associate with....until the last few comments. I feel I have to say, and I think that I speak for most on this forum, that the bickering and bad-mouthing of others has to stop. I don't care who has the last word, just do it somewhere else and don't subject us...