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    Electric demist

    I looked for this using the search but no matches so here goes at sharing the wealth. I was chatting to a guy today who is building a kit car, no not a '40, and he got onto the subject of heaters. Now the heater fitted to mine rarely gets used as a heater due to heat coming from the centre...
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    Is it really necessary?

    This morning I read a post by someone new to the ’40 website wishing to find out the cost of shipping a ‘40 from US to UK. Strangely one reply back was a little off-beat…asking that he phrase his title better and look through the search feature before posting. From a personal point of view, I...
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    Left hand drive with left hand gear change is this possible?

    You can do what you want if you have the right tools! The Bowden cable setup gives flexibility to place the gear lever where you wish. Routing the cables is then up to you. Cable allows flexibility. The Tornado setup uses a solid rod linkage and would have to run down the left hand side of...
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    Help with Tornado wiring loom please

    Because fools are so ingenious, I have managed to accidentally disconnect all my fuse box connections whilst struggling to replace the blade fuses and box with circuit breakers. I need to know which colour wires go to what fuse as the original diagrams show no fuse connections and I seem to...
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    Help with my history

    I was wondering if any of you out there could help me out with the exact centenary of Ford. I have looked in all my GT40, Shelby books and on the web, however Ford seem to have celebrated several centenaries since 2000! I have an official date for the formation of the Ford Motor Company as...