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    Wanted 5 Bolt 289

    I am looking for a 5 bolt 289 block or rebuildable engine, I have available a 66 289 complete and suitable for a rebuild which would swap or trade, can anyone help?
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    Le Mans Classic 2008 11-12-13th July 2008

    Hi all, I have now received the paperwork from the organisers so the club booking forms and information for this event will be going out to all our members along with the Club magazine during november. Please return your entry form quickly, I have to get the preliminary entry back week...
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    Le Mans Classic 2008

    Hi all, I have just received the dates for the 2008 Le Mans Classic, the 11th, 12th and 13th July, this a spectacular event, not to be missed, check out 2006 threads! will you be attending with us?
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    Le Mans Classic Club Event

    Hi to all our members, just a reminder to send me your entries ASAP. This event is the event of the year, the best Historic racing-for 24 hours, the chance to drive the full Le Mans circuit with 30+ other 40's, restaurant meal on friday and BBQ on saturday, club entry tickets for circuit include...
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    side and rear windows

    I have sets of formed side windows available, with acrylic catches. The 3 different sizes will fit GTD, KVA and original cars. Also have formed rear windows, headlight covers and spot/indicator covers too. All are slightly oversize and need to be adjusted for final fit.
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    FAV People Question

    I am trying to identify people who worked in the drawing office at FAV in end of 1964 with the initials C.E.L. and J.L.W. although the second one might be a certain Mr Wyer? anyone enlighten me?
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    Windscreens For Original Cars

    The first batch of screens to fit original cars are now available. I also have four E-marked replica screens in stock -without black border-for that authentic look.
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    I have produced a new batch of E marked screens. They are being shipped to me week commencing 29th March. Price £180.00 The picture is of the prototype we ran to check the fit
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    GT40 HUBS

    More pieces in the great GT40 puzzle completed. Hubs now completed, correctly splined for original driveshaft. Fronts also. Some of this batch also for sale.
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    Monocoque Floor

    A colleague of mine has helped me to produce a pressed floor for my monocoque and we have a few spares available, exactly as per the original Abbey cars. Picture attached-before final trimming
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    There is now a meeting of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club to be held every 2nd wednesday at the Fairmile, near Cobham, Surrey, we welcome anyone in the Surrey/London area to attend, first meeting this wednesday 14th from 7.30-8.00p.m.
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    ZF to Ford SB Bellhousing

    4 Bolt ZF to Ford Smallblock bellhousing surplus to requirements
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    HELP - Cylinder block colour

    Does anyone know what colour the cylinder blocks on the original cars were when they were released in the 60's I think the XE blocked race cars were in black, but not sure and I do not know about the road cars
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    Collectors Christmas Card

    Did anyone else get one of the "O'reilly" limited run Christmas cards?, specially produced by his Secretary-(I think he folded them ) I hope i'm on the list next year
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    New Monocoque Roof

    I have just completed new steel inner and outer roof panels to a pattern from an original Abbey Panels car, for my and chris,s monocoque chassis. I have a few extra pressings available. I have to trim the panels to shape and can supply from mid January. This was the first off the press and i...
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    Has anyone got a spare 3.77 Diff amd Pinion for an original 5 ds-25, this is required for an original car so must be the early version
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    302 Engine For Sale

    302 Engine- 600 miles from new Ford X part manifold, Motorsport rocker covers. GTD rear suspension-Top and Bottom Wishbones, Radius Rods, Chromed although Lower wisbones need replating
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    Club Trip Le Mans Classic

    I have just received the Official Club advance booking forms and am inviting members who wish to attend the event on 23rd, 24th and 25th with the Club to notify me in the 1st instance by posting or e-mail. The details will also be in the next club magazine. There is a concessionary entry fee of...
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    Club pisstaking

    Oh Dear , Oh dear, It seems that Perrys, Melia And Mr Hall from across the pond may be refering to me as Lester so the Jokes on me -or is it, now where's that Le Mans shower block picture Ian, Chris shame that 1st Class stamps are now over a £1.00 and Fran, I think the Lobster picture from...
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    ZF5ds25-1 Dimensions-HELP!

    I have a ZF 5ds25/1 4 bolt transaxle for my new project and I need the correct dimensions (instead of measuring) from the mainshaft centreline to the 4 bolt positions and diameter of the front flange to enable me to machine the bellhousing to fit correctly can anybody help