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    Audi 016 gear lube

    Any advice on gear lube for Audi 016 appreciated. Thanks DJ
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    016 throw out bearing

    Anyone have a part nr or the car the 016 came in to order a throw out bearing? Are there any others that cross over? Thanks Don
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    Audi slave thread diameter and pitch

    Does anyone know the thread diameter and pitch for the slave cylinder on an audi 016 transaxle? Need to find an adapter. Thanks Don
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    Does anyone know the flywheel bolt length (or any special bolt head issues) for audi 016 with Kennedy adaptor to ford 302? Have all the rest but cant find the flywheel bolts. Thanks Don
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    Audi 016 strenghtening plate ??

    What do you have to do to check and see if an Audi 016 has had the strengthening plate installed? Thanks Don
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    Marauder lola

    Anyone out there have or are working on a Marauder Lola T70? Thanks Don
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    where are the Nrs ?

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the O1e,O16 etc designation on an audi gearbox? Thanks DJ