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  1. End of race flag

    End of race flag

    First Weekend "Excellence de l'Automobile" at Reims-Gueux (France)
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    individual Weber screens

    Hi Peter, I will try to explain to you through mi vague language how to proceed to do it. However, I have to say that the medium result don't justify the time that you will spend to do it. The mesh is crimped on the trumpet with ring of aluminum sheet cutted because the trumpet is made of cast...
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    individual Weber screens

    I fully agree with your approach Jim, I have tested some months ago both systems and the hemispheric grid is a little more efficient than the flat one (mainly at the top end). To be honest I have to precise that I was obliged to cut a little the original Weber trompets to have enough space to...
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    individual Weber screens

    Some months ago I have made this modification to my carbs to avoid to shallow some gravels ;)
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    Yates C3 instal advise please

    Lee, your studs appear little too long. Stud (and nut) top level should be bellow the rocker boss plan. There are two stud type: one for aluminum block (with long thread) and an other one for cast block (with shorter thread). Be sure that your studs are fully screwed in the block. If yes, you...
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    Hello David Laverda was a famous Italian bike manufacturer but they was never participate to any world championship grand prix. They have mainly produce 750 cc 4 stroke OHC vertical twin. My pictures show an engine with rochers and push rods ;)
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    Hi Ron, you are very closed but it's not an Aermacchi. However, this bike was built with some Aermacchi parts, and I note that you are an expert to recognize it. As you know, Aermacchi has produce only single cylinder 4 stroke engine (and several twin 2 stroke) ;)
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    I see in this forum that a lot of GT40's members have a good knowledgment about old cars but also old bikes. Who will recognize this one? It is an Italian bike that was produce en few exemplaires between 1969 and 1970. It is a 500cc twin cylinder based on Harley CRTT parts (cylinder heads...
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    VHC Meeting in Val De Vienne

    I live near Paris (in the suburbs) and I hope to come to Val de Vienne with my trailer ;)
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    VHC Meeting in Val De Vienne

    Hi Joe Did you plan to go to the next "Sport and Collection" at the Val de Vienne track (1st, 2nd and 3th July)? SPORT et COLLECTION, 300 FERRARI contre le cancer avec le ROTARY Club Civray Sud-Vienne If yes, try to find the French guy with a Cobra Daytona replica to have a drink to gather ;)
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    Pictures are better than my poor explanations. I have cutted 2 differents piston pin bore. You can see the square groove for spirolock and the rounded groove for wire lock (that is notched). Also 2 different piston pin. Wire lock must use chamfered pin ;)
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    Gearbox again

    Hi Julian, you can try this link (it's a new one but it's a right shift hand ?): eBay Motors: Audi 01E/O1E 6 Spd 2WD transaxle GT40 Lola ZF 930 NR (item 130095146423 end time Apr-06-07 18:59:18 PDT)
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    <P> Sandy, be careful about this point. Usually, piston pin bore that are designed to fit spirolock are without notch (see picture). As you can see in the pin bore, these are several screw driver impacts :o . It is not easy to install but it is difficult to remove it! When you will remove one...
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    Sandy's RCR40 Gulf Chassis #11

    Incredible project ! I love these pictures about exhaust pipe arrangement as well the trans gear box. By this way Sandy, you contribute to maintain the GT40's legend ;)
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    Weber linkage

    Unfortunately, there is no "universal solution" and we have to adapt it according to our specific carbs arrangement. It is possible to drive Weber trottles by different ways but I like to use the dual bellcrank system that has a good effort distribution in the dual crank axle. This design as...
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    Source please for Yates valves

    Hi Lee 50% of Nascar team are using Del West valves with Yates C3 cylinder heads. Del West Valve Train Components News Del West is a famous titanium valve manufacturer but there are not cheap Additionaly to the valve sizes you have to spend attention to the kind of groove and the exact...
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    To complet the subject, a BBF is a Big Block Ford and a 351C (Cleveland) is a Small Big Block :D
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    44 IDF Venturi sizes.

    According to a Weber part supplier, usual venturi sizes for a 44IDF are 32, 34 or 36mm (see page 3/5 of this link: 38mm should be possible but it is not usual for a 44IDF. If we refer to the Weber chart, we can see that 44IDF (equipped with 38mm...
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    tail pipe hold-downs

    As the large GT40's member majority I am partisan to fixe exhaust pipes with springs. This mounting allow as well vibrations as dilatation movements to prevent any crack. If you are using this kind of spring, don't forget to pass a...
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    Wanted; Tilton 75 Series mcyl

    Hi Dave I have a 7/8" Tilton master cylinder as spare part. It is looking old enough and it is in good working condition. However, my pedal was little hard with this one (with a sharp starting) and I have change for a 5/8" (it was not easy to modify the MC connection point that was too far from...