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    Mirage M1 - Original Clutch Set Up

    305 engines used in 1967. Monza(M10001,M10002), Spa(M10001), Le Mans(M10001, M10003) Ref: R.Spain GT40 Hope this assists regards mike
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    Mirage M1 - Original Clutch Set Up

    James the best i can offer is to point you to Ronnie Spains book. Pages 306 and 307. Mirages rebuilt as 1074 and 1075. Suggest you check your photo information on these 2 chassis No's. Also Page 142 lists the gearbox numbers used between 1967-69. Hope this helps. mike
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    try jay cushman regs mike mills

    try jay cushman regs mike mills
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    Martin John Shands monococque is for sale in N.Z. if you are interested Cheers Mike Mills...

    Martin John Shands monococque is for sale in N.Z. if you are interested Cheers Mike Mills (Franks mate)
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    Go Kart anyone?

    I'm no engineer but the thrust line and engine location look too far above and behind rear wheels? Any other thoughts? regards mm
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    Ford France paint codes please.

    Sorry can't help with codes, but have photo's from previous restoration which may help you with the stripe spacing. Hope these are of use. mike
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    Front Suspension Upper and Lower Control Arm Bearings

    Thanks for your assistance. 'every little helps' regards Mike
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    GT40 Engine Build Mirage Chassis

    Re: My coffee table....... Most impressive Doc, ingenius lightweight coasters. the silver stirrers have helixes to stir more efficiently and the other end for better grip. the mesh keeps insects out of the cups during polite conversation and you have even provided a shaker for the...
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    Original Specification Parts

    Jim the silence may be deafening to you, because we stand in awe. Please keep posting as you are showing us the hidden gt40. best regards mike
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    Diesel GT40 ?

    un-modified citroen ax 1500 over 70mpg and a neck breaking 0-60 in 4.5............mins mike
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    Mirage gt40

    pdf a3 drawings of different views. regards
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    Galvanizing process

    Hi jake, hot dipped galvanising is a high temperature process in which the steel has to be raised to the molten temperature of the galvanising bath in order to achieve proper zinc adhesion. during this process the welds and parent metal of the fabrication tend to be stress relieved and...
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    Mirage gt40

    hi rene welcome to the forum. you can use the links in the previous replies to go to web pages with the mirage photos. best of luck with your project mike
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    Alfa Romeo gt40 enemies..

    Hi apul, I owned a 1968 alfa romeo 1600 gulia sprint gt veloce. rust was a big problem and from memory the 1600 could have the crankshafts ground but the 2000 couldn't. the 1600 gtv also had a more robust mainshaft and many of the main drive components were not interchangable between models...
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    It has to be said....

    Hi stuart I too have had little gain from raising my question regarding the mirage on the forum, even though RE posted my request on the main entrance. 1100+ views 12 replies. i did however contact a couple of the guys on the forum by private message, one being frank catt, who is local to me...
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    Mirage gt40

    for all the mirage fans, here a link to some high res photos best regards mike
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    Mirage gt40

    I can see there is a general interest in the Mirage so i'll post a zipped A3 pdf of the draft drawing. Scale is as accurate as i can get with photographs, this is work in progress so please don't be too harsh with your critique. if i don't get some dimensions soon guys, i'll have to shelve it as...
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    Mirage gt40

    Here is a link for any other mirage M1 fans Photos in 1967 area. Enjoy!!
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    Mirage gt40

    Thanks Keith and Dave, I've done a lot of web surfing and done the usual sites as well as links. I have already downloaded from: Blackhawk and jacky Ickx sites. The the gt40 height of 40.5 inches translates to 1028.7mm, which is my current height datum. From the photos i have is obvious 90% of...
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    Mirage gt40

    Dave, Thanks for the reply. I notice top louvre vent panels are not shown on your sketches but front winglets are, also rear adjustable spoiler isn't visible. I'm taking it as read that the front clip is a mod of the mk1 gt40 with change to windscreen area and naca duct. In later races the...