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    RCR GT40 or SLC in Georgia?

    I should be in Milledgeville GA (near Macon, GA) next weekend October 19-21 and was wondering if there were any RCR's in the area? - Theon
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    Road and Track on the GT40

    Ford GT40 Design - Why So Purty - Road & Track
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    Senna vs Schumacher

    Who do you think is the faster driver. Here is the criteria. If given equal cars which driver would post the faster time. If you want to elaborate on Senna in one type of car or Schumacher in another (i.e. computer assist or non assist or another category feel free to elaborate). Theon
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    Opinions on the most beautiful cars of all time

    I would like to gather some opinions from this forum on which cars they consider the most beautiful of all time. The criteria should be based on: 1. Overall beauty 2. How revolutionary it was at the time. 3. How it holds up to the test of time. To start us off with I will provide 1. GT40...
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    GT40 in Rockville, MD area

    Isnt there a GT40 in the Rockville MD area. Does anyone know whos it is. Theon
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    2004 MG TF Door Handle

    I am in search for a door handle to fit a 2004 MG TF Driver´s side (Mexico and USA driver´s side). Now I live in Mexico and they drive on the right side of the road like in the USA. I need the door handle for the side of the driver´s here which should be the passenger side in the UK. I believe...
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    titanium block

    Does anyone know of any titanium blocks. I would think with the ultra strength and ultra light characteristics it would be considered. The price would be really high but for a race team or high end super car I would think this may be considered. Theon
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    Mg Tf ?

    I may be involved in an interesting transaction involving a 2004 MG TF with 6000 miles. Would anyone know the particular value of such a collateral? Any insight would be welcomed. Theon
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    Shop Tour

    This past saturday Fran was gracious enough to provide a shop tour for a friend and I at RCR. We spoke a couple hours with Fran while he showed us his shop and all his wonderful toys. I was very impressed with Fran and his cars. You instantly sense his passion for his cars with all the fine...
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    Who Makes Spyders

    Which manufactuars make a spyder version? By the looks of the Carlisle photos ERA makes one. I know a couple of years back CAV used to advertise them but I haven't seen anything in some time. Does RCR have plans for a spyder version, I hope so? Theon Karabatsos
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    Tail of the Dragon

    Road and Track has an article on a road US 129 in North Carolina that is commonly known as the Tail of the Dragon. It has 318 curves in 11 miles. Does anyone have any experience with this road, what are your thoughts? I know someone drove with a GT40 on it because on there...
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    American Supercars

    Last night on the travel channel I saw a show called American Supercars which was about the Viper and the Ford GT. It was an hour special highlighting the two cars. There was even a favorble segment on the GT40 Replica cars and some of our own members. The next showing for Direct TV is 5/17...
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    GT40 on "My Classic Car"

    GT40 on \"My Classic Car\" Last night on the speed channel on the show "My Classic Car" they briefly showed a red GT40. They were showing cars from a festival at I believe the Charlotte Speedway. Does anyone know whose car it was. Theon
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    Chicago Area Cruise nights

    Is there going to be anyone going to any Cruise Nights in the Chicago Area. I was at the Crystal Lake Cruise Night 6/1 and it was quite nice they had some Cobras, Pantera, Dragon, Vettes, Muscle Cars, Vintage etc...A GT40 would have been awesome. Here are some Cruise nights that I know of with...
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    Palm Beach Gardens Visit

    Hey there, my name is Theon Karabatsos and I have been viewing the website for a couple years now. I love the GT40 as it is my dream car. My personal goal is to own a GT40 by the time I am 40, I am 35 now. The reason I am writing this email is that I live in the Chicago area but will...