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    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    he generously offered to pay me absolutely nothing up front and then an amount per car as and when he sold any - not the most generous offer I've ever received and given his well known lack of business ethics / commercial abilities I chose to decline :) here is a copy of my final email to him...
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    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    here is mine - and his 'not a copy '
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    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    nothing like stealing someone elses work and presenting it as your own -
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    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    $200,000 is about a third of what he owes people that he shafted. guess the rest went on the lovely new build house ( see mr logans facebook page . ) perhaps we should all get teaching jobs , they seem to pay rather well ?? Robert Logan 10 September at 09:38 · A rendering of the original...
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    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    he has blatantly copied my car ( ) I refused to deal with him a few years ago knowing his history - looks like the article is little more than a fishing trip for gullible investors , hope no one falls for this scam all over again ..................................
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    How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    fantastic that youve got this dusted off and coming together so well - wondered when you were going to get around to it ! best of luck with the project - ian -
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    LS3 intake manifold search

    i got a pair of billet inlet manifolds from pierce for the ls motor which ive used with weber downdraughts - cant remember price but think it was reasonable - best pic ive got is here : F1-67 - Gallery
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    GT40 Body

    thanks keith - my original post simply gave a lead to an alternative ( locostbuilders ) forum where text exists that would be worth reading for anyone considering trading with this company - im sure you can see theres value in that ? the personal experience aspect is why my post is not in...
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    GT40 Body

    so simon - you are saying that informing others on a web forum of a less than perfect track record of a supplier ( over a long period ) and supplying access to the evidence so that informed decisions can be made is a bad thing ? theres no element of " back biting ", and i cant really see...
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    Carbon Mono

    so is this effectively a central tub made from a wet layup carbon mat with a front and rear subframe type arrangement ? difficult to really tell from the pics / limited description - perhaps some more comprehensive technical detail of the method of construction / production would be helpful ...
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    SLC radiator and fans

    will take the rad please craig - pls advise if collection ok - 07836629106
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    GT40 Body

    pleased to hear that you had a positive experience - i simply wanted to give a heads up to others on some supplier history such that informed decisions can be made -
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    GT40 Body

    equally theres no smoke without fire - over 15 years heavily involved in the british kit car industry i have never known any company that has managed to be so consistently reported for its less than perect service - good suppliers make huge efforts nowadays to develop and maintain good...
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    GT40 Body and search under darren george / gts tuning / problems - before parting with any $ - CAVEAT EMPTOR
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    GT40 Body

    i have a complete spare body with mk2 type back end , let me know if it might be of use - [email protected] - 447836629106
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    944 torque tube type gearbox suitability

    any thoughts ref 944 turbo gearbox power handling capabilities ? have seen a bellhousing / adaptor recently for a v8 but cannot seem to find any other info / experiences with this box ?
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    15" Tyres for sale

    price please - ian - 07836629106 - [email protected]
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    Incredible deal on engine/trans/clutch/adaptor kit

    erik could you let me know if he will split the package would be interested in gearbox / adaptor / clutch only thanks - ian . [email protected]
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    pls advise price - thanks - [email protected]

    pls advise price - thanks - [email protected]