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    Shocks/Springs dimensions

    Here is a very easy to use calculator to do the sum for you, for a road only car i would suggest a wheel rate around to 110 - 120, for a track car raise that to 130-140. keeping in mind stiffer = more mechanical grip, but sacrifices ride comfort...
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    Grounded in self isolation

    Ive had many courses of chloroquine while working in New Guinea in the early nineties to treat Maleria, cant remember any major side effects. cheers John
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    Grounded in self isolation

    Hi Russ, Jac and everyone else, Fran and i are in the same boat over here on the sunshine coast, the hospital put me on total lock down a fortnight ago, fran is still working but her office is locked down and her 3 girls follow strict bio measures, so i should be pretty safe. so for something...
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    NZ built Sports racing cars. SCANZ etc.

    ive got a few pics of it somewhere ill try to find them and post them up.
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    RCR visit

    Guys you have no idea how i wish that was possible but sadly no, i have severe emphysema and lung cancer, so its just a matter of enjoying what i have left as much as i can, i'm still playing with the Lotus 23, unfortunately i cant drive it, but i have a young fella behind the wheel who's had...
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    RCR visit

    Hi Curt mate sadly due to failing health the trip had to get cancelled, bit of a shame as i was really looking forward to my first trip to the States. cheers John
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    Formula Junior..Volopini replica

    lookin good mate.
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    Roaring Forties Saga 1/2 Million USD Gone - Final Report?

    Hi Ian yep its nut and bolt a copy of the 67-F1, i must admit to taking inspiration from your car to build the Brabham, but that was all. mr logan has been to see me trying to pinch ideas etc but fortunately i had no cars in the shed at the time, and my memory was a bit vague as well, lol. BTW...
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    New Transaxle Comparison / Discussion Thread

    HGT will have a new 5 and 6 speed ready for release any day now i believe, I will get all relevant details etc from Richard when it goes public, what i can tell you is they are the quietest straight cut sequential box on the market, torque rating around the 900ft lbs, and in a stock front engine...
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    Mate i have used it for the last few years, its simple to use and fairly accurate, the only downside is it cant give you COG or pitch figures and caster simulations, but dont let that stop you. cheers John
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    Custom transaxle

    Nope its still sitting under the bench in pieces i believe as a sacrifice to the gods, has since been replaced with a Sadev. john
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    RCR visit

    Hi Guys, i am very fortunate to be able to say that i will be in Detroit to visit Fran the last week in Oct if anybody is in the neighbourhood and would like to catch up, my wife and i will arrive New york for 3 nights on Sat the 26th and fly up to see Fran on Tues 29th and will be there until...
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    brake line pressure

    Rick i have used a 5/8 front and 3/4 rear master cyls on my race cars with a 5-1 pedal ratio for god knows how long, and found it to be extremely good, both in pedal feel and braking performance.. cheers John
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    Well its take an almighty effort as the camera was working but i couldnt upload anything off the card, kept coming up as empty, so i got a recovery program and after a battle royal i found the only complete run we had , and unfortunately it was the second to last run, but he took over 8 secs of...
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    Thanks guys appreciate the kind words, one thing that did show up on that last run where he pushed it close to its limit, was the front need to be stiffer, so ive gone up to 600lb springs in the front, from 450lb and will put the 450's on the rear as their at present 400, i have also made up a...
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    Dry Sump Info Needed

    rule one always check dry sump tank oil level with engine running at idle, level should be just under the top baffle, when turned off the oil will drain back past the pump back into the sump, hence the low level in the tank. kaspa
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    the Steinard MK3 takes shape

    Well i know i've been a bit slack lately and haven't posted much as i've been a bit crook and in and out of bloody hospital and they still cant find the problem that's giving me all the grief, any way in between visits i managed to get the 23 over to a dyno who knew how to tune a Honda, and shes...
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    New transaxle option!

    Was Talking to Richard from HGT the other day and release date for the new trans axle is just around the cnr, will be rated at 1000, yes you read it right a 1000 Nm, so watch this space. kaspa
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    McLaren M20#73

    Hi Andy, the flywheel used is a 6 bolt 102 tooth part no. SKU 51-659, cant remember the part no. for the starter but its a reverse mount super starter. An option you can use, is a 7. 25 button flywheel SKU 190-40, with a stock ring gear and starter, i have used that combo and its fine...
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    McLaren M20#73

    if you want to go down to a 5 and a half inch i have a Tilton reverse bell housing and starter to suit the Ls, bell housing is Ls to chev 4 bolt trans pattern, this one , only changed it because the Sadev box we wound up using was slightly longer than what was there, so had to have a bell...