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    Gt40 body

    Try Bill Hough........781-659-1404
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    Set of original “Wine Glass” style Halibrand GT40 wheels for sale.

    Here are what the 'real deal' BRM's look like. These are magnesium from Alan Mann cars. It took a lot of money and a lot of effort for me to get these.
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    Gelscoe steering wheel

    PM sent
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    steering wheels and misc

    PM sent on Gelscoe
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    Hello from Detroit

    I am more like 2 years! I love your seats! Who did them? I have a set of seats and the old covering, would like to get them redone.
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    GT 40 seats

    I would use Simple Green and a light brush. Try on a hidden side first to be sure it does not affect the color.
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    Hello from Detroit

    Welcome, Nino! I am a fellow Detroiter building a ERA GT40. Looks like a nice build, we will have to drive together when both of ours are completed!
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    Gulf Flares fiberglass (New)

    Flares have been sold.
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    Gulf Flares fiberglass (New)

    SOLD For sale - new Gulf flares, fiberglass. New. $300 plus shipping.[/url]2018-05-06_11-57-35 by Speedquest, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]2018-05-06_11-58-44 by Speedquest, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Dzus ehf6 wings

    If anyone wants to sell four out of their pack please PM me.
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    Wide Body Rear Clip

    PM sent
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    Crower 8 pack intake manifold

    That goes on a small block Chevy!
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    Windshield interchange

    ERA does not belong on this list. The ERA body was pulled from an original GT40. The list above (minus the ERA)all stem from the KVA original replica.
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    Clarkson in original GT40 video

    I guess the BBC's copywrite doesn't apply in China! Click on Link below to see Clarkson driving GT40 video. Your'e welcome.
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    Another Icon Passes....

    I think this was the video you were trying to embed. He was one of the finest guitar players ever. Here he is playing with Tom Petty, and notice at the end of his solo he throws the guitar into the air and just walks away, and the guitar disappears!