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  1. Silver66fb

    Capacitance Fuel Probe / Sender

    Good inputs. Thanks to all of you. I'll look into the Centroid option first.
  2. Silver66fb

    Capacitance Fuel Probe / Sender

    I've had some trouble with my OEM fuel sender and would like to switch to a capacitance type. Any experience here you can share? Brand? Source? Tips and tricks? Pitfalls? Thanks!
  3. Silver66fb

    superformance fuel sending unit removal help

    Has anyone replaced the oem unit with a Centroid or similar? If so, what did you order, please?
  4. Silver66fb

    Willwood Reservoir sealing

    My best friend and "crew chief" on my GT40 is a former racer and member of race teams. They sometimes used wrist sweatbands on these caps. I had the same problem with weeping. Bought a couple of black wristbands from Amazon and he attached them with tie wraps. Won't stop the weeping, but will...
  5. Silver66fb

    Safety wire

    I checked all four wheels this morning, visually. They all look like that. Would you suspect a backspacing / geometry issue?
  6. Silver66fb

    Safety wire

    Ian, I'll check it. Thanks!
  7. Silver66fb

    Rear boxes, Windshield plate???

    Large boxes = storage volume required by rules.
  8. Silver66fb

    Ultrasonic cleaning

    I bought the 15L version for about $169 US and it worked beautifully for an Edelbrock carb rebuild - big enough to fit the entire carb body plus small parts. There are some good YouTube videos for ultrasonic tips and tricks.
  9. Silver66fb

    Hello from a new member in Texas

    Jeff, I live in League City. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Tim
  10. Silver66fb

    Hello from a new member in Texas

    Welcome, Jeff. What part of Texas?
  11. Silver66fb

    Wiper Motor Blows Fuse When Park Connected

    Shaun, Can you describe the grounding issue, please? I may need that kind of help on another project.
  12. Silver66fb

    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    Ian, It's interesting. That same Ford "attitude" cuts both ways, doesn't it? The pompous, no BS, vengeful Ford that vows to crush Ferrari at their own game now wants to be seen as - I don't know - above board and classy in all things racing? To be clear, I love Fords and my immediate family...
  13. Silver66fb

    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    I didn't go up. I was using the royal "we". :) I trained those guys and gals for many years.
  14. Silver66fb

    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    We often had to hit a very specific velocity at Main Engine Cut Off (MECO). They were in the range of 25,950 fps - almost 5 mi/sec. And we hit them routinely, within a few fps. A couple of hundred fps over and you weren't in the correct orbit (overspeed). A couple of hundred under - you were...
  15. Silver66fb

    0-2920-0 MPH in 400 seconds

    First stage was really rough in the cockpit. Lots of vibration and shaking - crew was more or less along for the ride. Second stage was very smooth. During the last couple of minutes of powered flight, the acceleration was incredible. Had to throttle down the three engines not to exceed 3-Gs on...
  16. Silver66fb

    Gearbox speedo drive

    Hello, Simon. I can't help with the gearbox drive, but can recommend the GPS speedo from Speedhut. Works like a charm:
  17. Silver66fb

    Inlet manifold gaskets

    Shaun, I am firmly in the "no cork gaskets in front or rear" camp. I use the Right Stuff from Permatex. It's very easy to use and seals nicely. If any spills/spooges out during installation, just wait for it to dry and trim with a razor blade. Right Stuff advertises you can install parts and put...
  18. Silver66fb

    Superformance Texas Title?

    Exactly right, Kirby. Mine has the word "Replica" in the title.