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    where are gts tuning?

    hi, has anyone got any contact details for darren at gts tuning in essex? any help apreciated, cheers, glen
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    starter motor position?

    can anybody post pics of the starter in a sbf302/un1 combination please? i have a mda adaptor plate which puts the starter on the right, but the bellhousing has the space on the left! do i cut the bellhousing to suit? cheers, glen
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    advice on tyre size

    hello people in my computer, what size tyre would go on the rear of a mk2 on 10x16? (and i was a tyre fitter for years!!):huh: cheers, glen
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    front lower balljoint? gtd.

    hi people, i have standard gtd front wishbones, using cortina mk3 balljoints. i read that the mk3 granada upright had a better ackerman angle than mk2 granada uprights. so i got some mk3 ones and a top hat set up to go where the strut went, so they can be used in a double wishbone set up. but...
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    dc&0 throttle bodies?

    hi people in my computer, i won some throttle bodies for my lo-cost build, i was going to use gsxr tb's as i use this set up on my other cars, and buy another emerald ecu as i know these. but i keep a lookout all the time for stuff, and i bid on dc&o tb's as they came with an ecu, manifold,fuel...
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    i need dimensions!

    hello computer people, i need the measurement for the centre of the bolt hole for the front lower wishbone. no measurements on my plans:embarassed:! something like "20mm up and 3 mm right". but i want to make sure. gtd chassis, cheers, glen i need a hole here!
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    Low Cost Builder's Forum?

    would it be possible to have a lo cost room? i'm getting pm's regularly, from lots of builders (there's a lot of people out there with small budgets, all communicating through pm's and emails) with alternative parts to use, 2nd hand parts etc and it would make things much easier, i didn't...
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    302 to renault adaptor needed

    hi, i'm building my lo-cost and i'm at the stage where soon i will need an adaptor. cheaper the better:thumbsup:, i'd also take the oppertunity to thank pdub and malcolm for donating parts to this project, thanks guys:chug: and if anyone else has anything that they are not using, that may be of...
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    adaptor plate needed

    hi peeps in the computer, last weekend i picked up a recon 369 transaxle for £36!! and i need a way to connect it to my 302, cheap. if anybody is upgrading from a renault and has a 2nd hand adaptor plate for sale in the near future, give me a shout. cheers, glen
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    what gearbox is a un-9 001?

    what is this off? help me learn please:cry: sorry, it's a ng9-001, any ideas?
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    renault 30 recon gearbox

    what can you tell me about them, ie behind a stock/luke warm 302 for the lo cost project? also like to thank malcolm and pdub for thier help. cheers guys, really appreciated:happy:
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    simple bhp boost....ideal for a lo-cost

    Serious proven performance turbo tuning carrot on stick on eBay, also, Performance Tuning Parts, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 12-May-09 22:13:20 BST)
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    cheap engine option

    Audi 4.2 V8 Engine & Gearbox on eBay, also, Audi, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 03-May-09 19:45:00 BST)
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    pics of your gtd front crossmember please

    hello people in my computer, (rumour has it that some of you are "real people"). this week i started building the upper part of the chassis, made of 40x40, you know, the bit with the stagered recess for the gear shifter. i was ok until the front 2 crossmembers. my plans are a bit vague here! the...
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    ren 5 turbo 2 un1?

    would this be of any use?
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    gone and bought a box

    hello people in my computer, i've just bought a box on ebay, maybe ok? i've been looking for a cheap box for my locost, and audi seemed cheapest. i had never heard of 01e,016, dwa etc a month ago. but i've been looking on the web and found all the info conflicting, or so many codes, models etc...
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    Re: Aluminium rear upright

    i am going to build a locost, because i'm not rich and i WILL have a gt40!!! if anybody buys these new uprights and want thier old uprights to live on, pm me with a price please. (i should start a post and do it publicly, like a "reverse" ebay. everyone tries to undercut each other and, after...
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    how to see "my posts"

    hello people in my pc, on other forums i'm on, there is a "your posts" bit to click, really handy when asking questions, so you don't have to search all the threads to see if anybody has answered. is there a way to do this on here? (i probably won't find the answer to this question:lipsrsealed:)
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    audi 01e box?

    hi, can anyone help locate a suitable o1e box, or tell me what model/year audi's had a suitable box fitted? i have been reading loads of info so i think i'm quite happy with box choice, just don't know what car to look for at work (write off's) or at the breakers/ebay. there's a box i can get...
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    hello people in my computer

    hi, my name is glen and i'm from sussex, england. i haven't got a gt yet but i am going to look at a body one day next week:thumbsup:. i have a mk2 escort running a 2.0 zetec with gsxr tb's, emerald management, discs all round and fitted with an x-pack. my other car is a mk2 cortina that i...