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    Must have tools for garage

    Mancave Lista draw units are worth looking out for, 200kg per draw and you can still shut them with one finger. I have found its best to decant all the tools from their boxes into draws. Bob
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    Photobucket has got greedy

    May be of interest to some Photobucket Fixer - Chrome Web Store Bob
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    Photobucket has got greedy

    If you subscribed to the old add free service which was about $3 a month you got changed to what PB call a plus 20 account. This retains free image hosting until Dec 2018, you then need to upgrade. Other forums are enabling the edit function so folk can go back over old posts and direct download...
  4. G Paddock Politics Thread

    Trumpster said he gonna rebuild merica ,build the great wall of meccico, send back all the illegals and get everybody back to work, just curious where the funding was coming from. Renminbi its is then Larry:stunned: Bob
  5. G Paddock Politics Thread

    How is the Trumpster going to deliver his election promises, Obarmy has left the pot empty so where is the cash going to come from? Bob
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    z-f bell housing steel or aluminum?

    If any of the flywheel/clutch gubbins part company with the engine on a rev it will trash both ali and steel bellhousings . If you are that worried fit a blanket. This VW dual mass flywheel expired and cut the bellhousing clean in two. Bob
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    F1 in 2016

    And Ronald McDonald doing the pit walk.......... I thought the German banks owned a large chunk of F1, I am surprised they have not made a play for the whole circus. Bob
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    F1 in 2016

    Will it mean we get pre race cheerleaders and a fireworks display ?:cry: Bob
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    F1 in 2016

    He was never the same driver after Barrichello threw car bits at his head. Bob
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    01E Tilton OT II Setup Splines??

    Here you go, just need to get the flywheel sorted. Bob
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    Clutch slip.....Grrrrr

    Yes twin or triple plate set up will cope with that, it will probably manifest into other problems like gearbox failure or broken driveshafts unless you behave yourself though :) There are quite a few options on plate material for the multiplate setups and they dont all behave like on/off taps...
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    Amusing TVR Tuscan Review

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Well done Larry, brilliant. Bob
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    It's Competition Time. Annual Sheep Bashing Contest

    I messed about a bit and got the mouse in a comfy position ,managed a .166 and nearly got to be a turbo -charged cheetah . Where`s my cigar? Bob
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    Ford 302 EFI Engine Issue at higher revs only

    Good call Ian , it could well be spark scatter. Try a timing light on #1 and see how it behaves as the revs increase. Bob
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    It's Competition Time. Annual Sheep Bashing Contest

    No good here, .26 Bobbing bobcat . Gonna go practice now :(
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    Amusing TVR Tuscan Review

    TVR`s are brilliant pieces of kit Larry. If you own one you need to understand it and its foible`s, being handy with a spanner is a must. If you are mechanically inept you need to be near aTVR dealer or someone like Dave Batty who lives and breathes the things. Nowhere near as bad as folk think...
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    This site

    Mike the forum above covers everything to do with cars, this is the non motorhead section. Its only a mere shadow of what it was because of constant complaints the mods recieved. Bit of a shame when you consider the said complainee`s have contributed zilch towards any new content and have driven...
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    F1 in 2016

    Paddock numpties :evil:.Everyone knows you have to get out of the way of a Mercedes driver, this applies on the road as well as the track.:laugh: Bob
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    Cost of Paint and Body Work?

    5k sterling at the most for a 40. I rented a workshop out to a bunch of lads that did bodywork, the three of them prepped the last 40 in a week and sprayed it. They put the car in the oven and cooked it to get the air in the gelcoat to pop , the rest of the week was spent filling, priming ...
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    Corvette Tail Lights

    Probably be advertised on craiglist shortly as in need of restoration. Bob