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    Are the Chinese playing poker with the worlds steel industries

    I find it strange that steel plants all around the world are having to close down while the Chinese plants are only reporting losses. A friend of mine lost his job at an Auz steel plant last year that closed. He strongly believes the Chinese plants will be the last ones standing when steel...
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    Because you can :thumbsup: Reportedly good for 170mph :) - The World's Fastest Van! The original Transit Supervan Mk1 on Biglorryblog thanks to Dave Hill at Ford Motor Company!
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    A satirical sketch on money

    Worth the 15 minutes :laugh:
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    Texan chick to marry old man

    Because she loves him :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    Looks like fun

    Well at least until a goat leaps out in front of you :stunned:
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    It was always an accident waiting to happen Cologne sex attacks: Merkel disgust at New Year gang assaults - BBC News
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    Driving lessons going Dutch.

    Away you go :) Dutch learners can now pay for their driving lessons with SEX | Daily Mail Online
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    Splain yerselves mericuns and curnadians :shocked:
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    Tickled me

    This was in Sonning, its quite close to where that Morton chap lives. I wonder :)
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    Puggled Politicians

    Not a left or right wing rant but one of utter dismay at how detached MP`s are from the real world.:furious: Jeremy Corbyn intervened to keep fraudster out of jail as he awaited trial for scamming pensioners
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    ǝʇǝd ɹoɟ uoıʇsǝnb ɐ

    qoq ¿ןɐǝɹ ɹoɟ ʎnb sıɥʇ sı
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    Sail 2015 time lapse.

    One busy waterway :thumbsup:
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    Is this going to be a record ?

    Its topped 60k in Hinglish money, does it belong to a member here ? :pleased: Ford GT40 Jacky Ickx Gulf Replica KVA kit car Bob
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    Aston Nimrod Molds

    Not for the faint hearted but one hell of a project :) Aston Martin NIMROD - Original Factory Body Mould. And major Body Parts + Spares | eBay
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    Irish referendum

    Well it seems that the few Irish that still live there have voted. So now Patrick Fitzwilliam and William Fitzpatrick legally Ireland same-sex referendum set to approve gay marriage - BBC News Bob
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    A picture of a four year old boy comforting his 2 year old sister in Nepal. 11150387_887757851247174_4936069566461021761_n.jpg
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    Women :)

    Its worse than funny its real :)
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    Mother of all planes

    This popped up on facebook, its a wonder it ever took off. Seriously! The Kalinin K-7 bomber actually took to the air!!!! - WAR HISTORY ONLINE
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    For woggs only

    Fuckton fuckton - Wiktionary Bob
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    A breath of fresh air

    For the commuters in Sydney Bob