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  1. PeteB

    Unfinished RCR Ferrari P4 on BaT

    This could be a good deal, considering the ridiculously low reserves BaT usually makes sellers agree to.
  2. PeteB

    LightinSight Traffic Lens

    Discovered this on a Lotus forum. Wish I would've had one of these in the SL-C. I either had to stop several car lengths short at intersections or ask my son to tell me when the light turned green. Bought one for my Elise, it works quite well...
  3. PeteB

    New KOSO gauge

    FYI - I just saw that KOSO has a new gauge available. It looks much more supercarish than the RX-2N.
  4. PeteB

    Mounting the Superlite emblems

    Has anyone mounted your emblems yet? With them being concave on the back, it doesn't seem like there will be much contact between the double sided tape and the body of the car. I thought about filling the back of the emblem with something to make it flat, but I'm not sure what to fill it with...
  5. PeteB

    Free: Pedal bracket

    I’m doing some garage clean out today and found this bracket that came with the kit. I think it’s a mounting bracket for the pedals. If anyone wants it, pay shipping.
  6. PeteB

    SL-C For Sale

    My SL-C is listed in the classifieds section: This section of the forum seems to get more traffic, so I thought I'd post a link here.
  7. PeteB

    2015 Superlite SL-C

    My Superlite build has been finished for over a year and I'm itching to build something else. Price: $87,500 Location: Dayton, OH Mileage ~ 2500 Contact: peteballentine @ att dot net Spring 2018 ReinCarNation cover car: Shutterfuel Media Feature...
  8. PeteB


    If anyone is considering selling your car, don’t bother with Bring-a-Trailer. I tried listing mine with them and the highest reserve they would agree to was $62,500. :stunned::furious:
  9. PeteB

    Part #s for idler pulleys

    Anyone know the part numbers for the idler and tensioner pulleys in the the RCR front dress kit? Thanks.
  10. PeteB

    SL-C Video

    A couple of local automotive photographers are starting their own on-line magazine. The first feature they're doing is on my SL-C. They're still working on the full video, but they just posted a nice trailer Shutterfuel - 480HP. 2500 LBS. HAND BUILT. ALL SUPERCAR...
  11. PeteB

    ReinCarNation Magazine photo contest

    Need your help! I entered this pic that my 15 year old daughter took in the monthly photo contest at ReinCarNation Magazine. Right now, I'm trailing by 36 votes. Go to and vote for “Pete’s Morning Drive.” Thanks!
  12. PeteB

    SLC at Mecum Indy

    Wish me luck! Lot R133: 2015 Superlite SLC | R133 | Indy 2018
  13. PeteB

    Source for custom wiring harness?

    Well, I talked to my tuner today and the problem I'm having with my throttle is most likely a bad wiring harness. So I'm thinking instead of ripping out the entire GM engine harness, maybe I could just replace the wires from the ECU to the pedal and to the throttle body. Anyone know a good...
  14. PeteB

    Ground wires on GM harmess

    With the throttle issues I'm having, thought I'd check the grounds on the GM harness. Manual says there are three, but I can't find them. Anyone know where on the harness they are?
  15. PeteB

    A/C issues

    When the car is cold, the A/C is working correctly with low side pressure around 40 psi and vent air is 45 degrees with 85 degrees ambient air. However, after the car has been running for a while, the low side pressure is going to high (~60 psi), causing the trinary switch to disconnect the...
  16. PeteB

    Help! Throttle position sensor error

    So I'm 100 miles from home at a car show . 7 miles from the show the check engine light comes on and no response to the throttle. Reads code 1238. I let it sit for a while and tried restarting the engine. No check engine light, throttle works fine. I'm a bit concerned about driving all the way...
  17. PeteB

    Any interest in starting a Facebook group?

    Anyone interested in starting a closed SL-C owners/builders group on Facebook? I'll volunteer to set it up if there's interest. Seems like a lot of forums I used to be on that moved to Facebook have had a large increase in participation.
  18. PeteB

    Nice car on the Orafol Wraps page

    Bold, unique, and hella fast. Cincy... - ORAFOL Vehicle Wraps | Facebook ;)
  19. PeteB

    Aftermarket shifter options?

    I've got about 1200 miles on the car now, and the one aspect of driving it that I'm really not happy with is the shifter. The throw seems too long and 1st and 2nd gear are really hard to find. Anyone tried or know of an aftermarket shifter that would be compatible with the Graziano? A couple...
  20. PeteB

    Anyone corner balance your SL-C?

    People are always asking how much my car weighs, so I was thinking about getting it weighed. If I'm going to do that, might as well corner balance it also. What is the optimal F/R distribution for a SL-C? Anyone done it?