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    Aluminium Exhaust Brackets

    All I am considering putting an extra bracket on the exhaust of my car to stabilise the pipes. The exhaust will not fall off with out the new bracket but the exhaust does wobble around a bit more than I would like. I am considering making this bracket out of aluminium. Has anyone ever tried...
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    RF overdrive 5th gear for Audi 016

    Hi all. I have now had the opportunity of doing some kilometers in my RF40 equipped with the RF overdrive 5th gear. At an indicated 2100 RPM I am doing an indicated 100 Kilometers per hour. This appears to be significantly lower RPM for the same speed than I was getting before. The new...
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    Audi 016 - Can't select reverse

    Audi 016 - Can\'t select reverse I have just been driving around uneventfully, until I tried to select reverse but couldn't engage it. The gear lever will enter the reverse gate but won't go all the way in. The linkages all look tight and the lever feels normal for the other gears. I have...
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    Roaring Forties #24

    I thought it was about time I posted a few pictures. I will do this gradually. The first picture is the painted chassis. I painted it myself with a brush. This turned out not to be the best way to do it but all well that ends well, I guess. In the picture I had test fitted the suspension...
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    Oil filter adapter for 5.0 Windsor

    Hi Guys Does anyone know where I can get an oil filter adapter for a 302W which leaves the oil filter pointing straight down. I've got a space problem which this would help solve. Thanks John
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    Standard Ford 302W water pumps

    All Are the standard ford water pumps up to the task of circulating coolant in a GT40? I am using the standard reverse direction (serpentine) pump which came with the 302W engine. As the engine warms up it starts to make a noise like a kettle, which is very worrying. This noise starts before...
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    Location of Engine Number

    Hi Guys Does anyone know where they put the engine number on late model 302W motors. I can't find it anywhere. The motor has all its accessories on it and you can hardly see any of the block at all. Thanks John
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    Oil for Audi Transaxle

    Hi Robert What type of oil and approximately how much does the Audi transaxle hold. You may remember that I have a LSD center in it now. Thanks John.
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    Ford Cam and Crank sensor wire colours

    All Does anyone out there know which wires are which on the standard Ford Cam and Crank angle sensors The plug on the crank angle sensor has 2 wires on it Grey/Yellow and Black/Red I would guess that the Grey/Yellow is the Ref wire and the Black/Red is the Zero volt wire Similarly the Cam...
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    Attaching exposed wiring to fibreglass

    I'm not sure if this is a body or an electrical question but: I have a couple of situations where I need to attach electrical wiring to the inside of the clips. For registration in Aus we have to have side indicators which are located just in front of the doors so I will have to run wires on...
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    Door Seals

    Hi Robert I've been continuing to look at the door seals but ignoring the area around the hinge which we discused last week. As the body is currently aligned, the doors scrape the door seal adjacent to the rear edge of the side window. The scraping only occurs on the inside of the rear door...
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    Ford Coil Pack

    All I have bought a new US sourced Windsor engine which has wiring harness and a standard 4 coil pack on it. I thought I may be able to use the coil pack but I dont know anything about it. Does anyone know anything about these coil packs. 1. Does it have built in ignitors or do I need to...
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    Door travel stops

    Hello All I need to come up with some way to stop the doors opening too far on my RF40. Currently the doors just swing open until they hit the side of the front clip. Anyone got any good ideas on how to fix this. Regards John
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    M.B has gone..Marco Bjerkén is here to stay !

    Should we say - welcome Marco I understand why you may have preferred to use your initials up to now. I am pleased you have now seend fit to change it. I find it easier to deal with people by name rather than an alias. Regards John
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    Where do cables go through rear bulkhead

    Does anyone know where the Accelerator cable and speedometer cables pass through the rear bulkhead on the RF40. In general terms it is obviously at the rear of the gear change tunnel. Both cables run from the front of the car down the gear change tunnel. It is where they go after they pass...
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    Driving Lights

    Has anyone tried to fit driving lights to their cars. Visually the recess under the headlights seems a little bare with only an indicator in it. So I was considering including driving lights, as much to fill the space as anything. Pictures of real cars suggests that rectangular and round...
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    Front and rear clip restraints

    Has anyone tried to mount the restraints for the front and rear clips. These are hold the clips open, or more correctly stop them opening too far. From what I have been able to glean from the few pictures I have seen the normal method is to mount a pair of wire cables to each clip, one on...