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    347 Stroker

    347 stroker. 450 hp and same torque. Brand new, test run only, built on pre 75 289 block so perfect for IVA tests as smoke test only needed. Complete with carb and dizzy, fully complete running engine with correct sump, water pump etc for a GT40. Available now, no need to wait! Message me for...
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    Side windows and IVA

    Hi All, My car is approaching IVA stage and I have a question about side windows. I have heard that you now must have the side windows installed for the IVA test and the windows themselves must have compliance markings. Does anyone know where to get side windows from with the correct...
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    Early spec rear lights

    Hi All, Does anyone know the part number or make/type of the early 1965 spec twin rear light? Gelsco do have some on their website but it would be nice to know the part number. Here is a picture of what I am talking about. Thank you ! Tom
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    What chassis number is this car?

    Hi All, Does anyone know anything about the GT40 owned and raced by Chris Ward and JD Classics? Reg number is FKJ 9C. I have seen the car at several events but cant find out what the chassis number is or what colour the bodywork is. I will try to upload a photo of it. Thanks all! Tom...
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    Devon Racing Engines Chris Smith

    Hi All, Does anyone have experience of Devon Racing Engines and or Chris Smith engine builders? I think but am not sure he used to supply engines to MDA GT40 and Mark Sibley. Many thanks Tom
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    Cylinder head inlet valve sizes

    Hi All, I have a 331 stroker engine with modified pro sport cyl heads 1.9 in 1.6 exh. Originally the engine was built with a 268XE cam from comp cams but this has now been changed to a 274XE cam from comp cams. Question is, are the cylinder heads, especially the inlet valve size suitable...
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    331 stroker on 8 stack ITBs

    Hi All, I am having an engine built by Chris Smith at Devon Racing and was hoping that someone may have experience with an engine to a similar specification. Does the specification look like a good combination of components and how much BHP and torque might the engine make? Induction system is...
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    15" Halibrand pin drive supplier

    Can any one recommend a supplier of 15" Halibrand pin drive knock off wheels and tyres complete with hub adaptors for ford flange in the UK?
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    Smiths mechanical speedo for IVA?

    Hi all, I am in the early stages of building a GT40 and am wondering if an "original" style mechanical smiths speedo would pass IVA? I was thinking of using a kit from cable x to convert an electronic signal from a speedo sensor to a mechanical output to drive the speedo itself. Here is a...
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    GT40 in a single garage?

    Hi All, After spending 2 1/2 years working in Saudi Arabia, I am at last in a position to seriously look to buy a GT40. Can anyone tell me is it possible to keep a GT40 in a single garage? I'm thinking the car will fit but will I be able to get in and out ok? Any comments on this would be...
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    Is a UN1 ok for this engie i am buying?

    Hi All, I have access to a renault UN1 with a single piece input shaft for a good price, and the link below is the engine i am going to buy. 331 / 415 HP Carbureted Engine at What do you all think, will the UN1 cope, or am i asking to much. It is for street use mainly...
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    Mike Osborne Chassis Drawings

    Hi, Just starting to built up the space frame gt40 chassis made from 4130 alloy steel from a set of Drawings by a guy called Mike Osborne. Has anyone had any experience of these drawings?? Thanks Tom
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    Which gearbox is lightest?

    Hi All, I'm just starting my space frame built from drawings supplied my Mike Osborne and am after some advice. My car is to be built as light as possible and therefore i want the lightest gearbox. I cannot find any info on this forum that has info about the weight of the various gearboxes found...