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    Fortyfication issue 118

    Excellent issue dropped through my letterbox today. Congratulations to all who contributed, edited and productionised it, a really impressive publication. Thanks to all involved and also to all who took on roles at the AGM. Very much appreciated.
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    SPF front upright lower bearings

    Greetings from Hampshire. Last MoT test showed up play (looked vertical) in the lower bearing on the driver side front upright on my SPF GT40 Mk1. Anyone have any idea/experience of what I’ll find when I get the time to pull it apart? Is there adjustment or will I be looking to source a new...
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    SPF drive shafts

    I'm just replacing the rear uprights and lower arms on my SPF GT40 Mk1 (2140) to repair some accident damage dating from before I bought the car. The next part of the swapover is to remove the driveshafts from the upright which requires undoing the 36mm bolt visible deep inside the spinner...
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    New to GT40s in Hampshire, UK

    Good morning, all. I'm (since Saturday) the owner of a MDA GT40, factory built, so I am told. It's in 1075 colours with a 347 stroker and d/d injection, Quaife modified UN1 with LSD. I've been waiting to find a car for some time and finally took the plunge. So far I've had a nerve-testing...