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    Acura/Honda NSX Question

    Quick question for the GT40 forum family. In your opinion, what is the best car that does well in both the track and behaves in the street? After driving a buddy's NSX I literally feel the need to make it my next car. His had the comptech blower so it put down 100 more ponies than stock and...
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    Drive School/Race Car Rentals Question

    So I'm turning 22 in the next couple months, and was curious what the best drive schools/race care rental places are in the west (CA, AZ, NV) to celebrate. Naturally I don't want to break the bank. What are your suggestions? The only one I can think off is Spring Mountain in NV.
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    Rapier SL-C For Sale

    I was going through a car classifieds magazine and look what came up...
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    Salvation Through Jesus Christ -- Prayer

    Salvation is a free gift and an eternal water... a means to get our broken selves restored to the state we were intended to live... in whole love. Take a deep breathe, and read these words aloud: Lord God, I have sinned... and without you I am lost. Dim in my transgressions I ask for...
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    Inspiration for FFR's GTM Revealed!

    So it seems the inspiration for Factory Five Racing's GTM car came from... none other than the Alessi AR-1
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    Varley evR450

    Just stumbled across this article. I bet many will think this EV SL-C varient spent all its' time devoped under the Aussie sun :rolleyes:
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    Lateral Turbo Manifold in an SL-C

    Has any company made a turbo manifold for a domestic V8 similar to the one designed for the new BMW S63 motors (found the X5 M, X6 M, new M5 models)? Would such a rig even fit under the glass of an SL-C? Would the cost to duplicate be worth the performance? BMW M Head of Engine Development...
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    Driving/Track School SL-Nemesis

    I know the SL-Nemesis has been marketed as a perfect vehicles for Driving/Tack School so I was wondering if anyone knew any organizations or tracks that have them for demo. purposes... Perhaps Fran can chime in?
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    Negative Nancy (perhaps even a ninny)

    I was perusing youtube, had an urge, then searched "SL-C". What I found startled me. Could be a plot of an automotive manufacturer jealous of Fran's work. Could be a plot from a rival kit/replica manufacturer jealous of Fran's work. Could be an environmental loon not wishing to unleash...
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    Rcr xj13?

    Hey Fran, are you really involved with the XJ13 now? I do not recall it being on the website or you mentioning it. The Sports Car Factory - RCR XJ13
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    CA Emissions

    Couldn't find anything in the search but; To register RCR cars like the SL-C, SL-R, or SL-N in CA do they have to pass CA smog/emission tests?
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    New Ford GT SuperCar (Hybrid)

    Thoguhts? Ford GT supercar gone green? - Mobile Magazine
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    SL-Razor Pictures

    I know the the car was going through an overhaul. Are there any new pictures of the car? I know it changed cosmetically but was anything else altered?
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    Fast & Furious 5 - GT40!!!

    Just saw the trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie (named Fast Five). At 1:16 a GT40 pops out! About damn time they had one star in this series.
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    Exhaust Notes

    My friend is looking into building a GT40. We were talking about exhaust notes because, on top of being one hell of a fast sunday cruiser, he wants it to sound very sweet too. He's looking at NA, 350ci, 5/6spd, 450hp. What are the main contributors to the exhaust note, firing order? I heard...
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    RCR Formula/Open Wheel Car?

    Does RCR have a true open wheel formula type race car in the works? Who thinks that would be a good idea? Personally, I think it would be quite bitchin' :thumbsup:
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    SL-C vs FFR GTM Supercar

    I have heard many good things about these kits. I know RCR sells rolling chasis and FFR uses a a C5 as a donor car but in terms of performane and bang for your buck which one is better and why? They both look sick, that's a given, haha :happy: