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    all road and quattro transaxles

    I've been following this forum for 3 or 4 years and really enjoy the information. I've always wondered why no one uses the all wheel drive transaxles. Is it the length in the GT40 application? Are they basically the same with an extension of the mainshaft? They're so much more common than the...
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    Audi 01E to SBC

    Does anyone know who makes an adapter for an Audi 01E transaxle to a small block Chev. V8? I'm fed up with the stock saginaw! Cheers, Dave
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    Audi 5000 diesel tranny

    Hi guys. I did my homework and looked through the archived posts but couldn't find anything about the suitability of a diesel transaxle. Any help would be great. Cheers, Dave
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    Porsche G50 gearbox-inverted

    Does anybody have any info on running the G50 transaxle inverted for a mid engine application? My big concern is oiling. I have a chance to buy one, but would like some more info first. Cheers, Dave
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    Ring gear size

    Question from a newbie. I've got an NG3 gearbox that I would like to use in my V8 Corvair. I've read past threads about similarites and differences between these and UN1 boxes. NG3's are very common up here, but I've never seen a UN1. Anyone out there know the ring gear size of the UN1 box...
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    Renault transaxle

    Quick question from a newbie.I have an NG9 tranny, can I flip the ring gear? Cheers, Dave