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    Shift Rod Material

    I need to order some 16mm solid round rod to use for a shift rod (about 7" long). I have modified my 6spd g50 shifter to come out the side and need a shift rod to do it. I figured I would just use stainless but was wondering what type you genius types think I should use.
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    Cad Drawings and open frame design

    I have been kicking around an idea for quite some time now and I was wondering if it would work. All the talk about which frame is stronger recently has made me decide it is time to ask. I want to start a co-operative frame design where I take all the cad drawings I have done for my frame and...
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    Need a new roof/spyder section

    Anybody have, or know who will sell just the roof/windsheild/spyder section in North America? Real or replica, I will make either work. My fibreglass guy is very uninterested in fixing the one I have. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Paging Fran Hall

    I have been trying to get ahold of Fran Hall for a week or 2 now. I received an interesting email from him, replied to it, (a couple times) and phoned to no avail. Anyone know where he is??
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    center "console" width

    center \"console\" width Can anyone tell me the width of that center area where us North Americans stick the shifter when all is said and done and the panels are attached??
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    Visit to willowsprings-annaheim area

    I have a friend who is helping me with my fibreglass work who is going to be in the area and has some free time on feb 17 and would like to see anyones/everyones car/build.
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    Suspension Design

    I have been looking at the way various manufacturers set up their suspensions and have been trying to figure out why I am having so much problems with my front suspension. I have copied the corvette C5 suspension geometry exactly but this makes the front of the lower control arms very low (2"...
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    Vette control arm length

    For those of you using C4 corvette front suspension, can any of you do me a favour and measure the length of the upper and lower control arms from the center of the balljoint to the center of the mount? I'm just curious to see how for out the arms are in comparison to the C5 stuff. thanks
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    More body positioning Q's

    More body positioning Q\'s I am wondering if anyone could tell me what the distance is from where the front clip ends and the base of the windsheild starts. And is this dimension equal all the way around or does it taper? If it tapers, then just at the center and the outer edges would be nice...
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    Rear clip alignment

    Ok this may be a stupid question but........ Keep in mind this is a scratch build I am doing. I am trying to line up my rear clip and I cant help but notice that the lowest part of the body is a good 3 1/2 inches above the bottom of the frame, looking at various pics this may be correct but...
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    Pivot point bracket dimensions

    I'm looking for the measurements (close is close enough) of the hinge brackets that attach to the front and rear clip to the pivot pins. And as a side note, does anyone have or know of someone that has a spyder section for sale in North America? thanks Eric
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    Paypal scam???

    Got this email from paypal, sent them an email to ask if this is a scam, i got a reply within 15 seconds. Anyone know anything about this??? From : PayPal <[email protected]> Sent : July 29, 2004 9:53:10 PM To : "Eric Nicoll" <[email protected]> Subject ...
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    S2000 start button connector

    I remember reading some posts where people were using the S2000 start button. I have 2 connectors for the start button if anyone wants one. Just pay the shipping. Or if you are looking for one, go to you local Honda dealer, and ask some of the guys in the shop if they have any Oddyssey ignition...
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    Powerhaus II

    I know this section is more meant for reporting less than honourable businesses but I had such a great experience with these guys that i have to voice it. Before i even bought my transmission, i sent them at least 15-20 emails with questions on the different...
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    Color code (was going to say gulf for a joke)

    I have looked around on the internet but found nothing. I am no where near the paint stage, or the body stage period, but while the commercial is still in every ones mind. The S7 in the gillette commercial, anyone have any idea as to what that color is? I was going to steal hershals color...
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    G50 length???

    I am curious as to how much more i need to go to shorten my 6 spd. Can anyone tell me what the length of their 5spd g50 is when installed, measuring from the engine block, including the thickness of the adapter plate, to the furthest back point on the tranny. Or better yet, from the rear...
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    016 r&p on ebay saw this, dont know anything about any of it, except that looks like a good price for brand new, says they have lots, maybe they have the 3.89 ratio.
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    Porsche transmission oil coolers

    I was talking to the guys at powerhaus II about ordering a system to pressure cool / lube the my g50. They told me about a new system they are doing (not ready yet) where you dont need an external manifold anymore, it is all internal. And you only need to make 2 holes in the case, 1 pressure and...
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    Head Lights Size?

    I was sure I have seen the size here but cant seem to find it when I search, just alot of part numbers and the size of some Hella's. I have found 2 sets of differing dimensions, can any one tell me the size on the originals? (rectangle of course)
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    Porsche Tranny Applications?

    Does anyone know what the 996 box and the 993 box come in exactly? I see stuff like 911 c2 rs. I assume the c2 is just carrera 2 wheel drive but what is rs? Other than getting a serial number what 911 has what? Is the 996 box another g50 series? And what year does the 6 spd show up and are...