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    ZF 5DS25-2 on display

    I will make it a GT40 gearbox, Switch the Ring gear side, Plug a few holes, drill a few holes and change a few oil tubes. install the correct top lid. and maybe some new drive axles.... Bingo...
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    ZF 5DS25-2 on display

    The input shaft and gears are the main difference, All the -2 parts can be installed in a -1 case. Bearings sizes and synco cones are also very different.
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    Transaxle Transverse Sequential Gearbox by Supercar System

    It very hard to defend a patent on gear boxes, Good Luck
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    Mendeola vs G50/G96

    Put a RBT in it..
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    Transaxle w/T56 internals?

    I looked very hard at the T56 and the T6060 for my gearbox guts. It is all about packaging. In a GT40 the rear of the car would not contain the 850QC gearbox, (27.5" plus bell housing 5.375) so it has to be smaller than that. The T56 Gear stack is to long. 17.5 inches. Add a 10 inch Diff...
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    Griffen transmision

    Re: Griffin transmision It is my goal to have one on the dyno by mid August, if not before.. DeLynn
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    McKee transaxle

    That gearbox is worth money in SVRA racing. Or to some one building a SVRA correct car.
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    Griffin trans axles

    Shift Spools With Dentent More to come soon...
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    Griffin trans axles

    Building an new gearbox is like eating an elephant.. ONE Piece at a time.
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    Anyone running a Griffin Transaxle in your SLC?

    Ben, Give me a call and I will set you up with some goodies.
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    4-bolt ZF dash-one bellhousing

    These guys should be able to do it for you, turn key. ExOne GmbH Am Mittleren Moos 41 86167 Augsburg Germany +49 (0) 821 7476 0 They do it for us here in the US. Good Luck Great Project DeLynn
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    Griffin trans axles

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    Griffin trans axles

    Please do not write me off, We have come along way, and can not quit now.
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    New/Old Transaxle Fabrication Project

    This made a very nice Quick Change Transaxle...
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    Screw the machine shop. Transaxle dreaming

    Almost.. ProMetal RCT Rapid Prototyping and Digital Sand Casting Services - YouTube :thumbsup:
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    Custom transaxle

    4.5" cl quick change gears are not an issue. We have a source on them. What ratios and splines?
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    New RCR transaxle?

    Improvements, this is correct, But we are not ready to give the details. I will give you a sneak preview... :idea: Good Ideas... Make Geat GEARBOXES DeLynn
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    Griffin trans axles

    Sorry for my delay in getting this info sent out by emails. I will post the Info pack here. Here is the Pricing Here are some Speed Charts. Here is how the Shifter Cables hook up to the box. When we use the Long Shifter. Here is the Install drawing, ( the 5 speed is 2" shorter...