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    Porsche 993 GT1 Blueprints

    Does anyone have any file type of the 993 GT1 blueprints? Was thinking of it as a cool poster for the garage etc. Any GT1 type info is appreciated.
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    RCR 917 Picture Thread

    Just because I love Fran's most perfect creation - lets see whats out there for all the 917s he's built over the past few years. I can't get enough of this car, here are a few photoshops I did based on pics I found of the RCR car. This is the one car i've found that people are photo shy for...
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    Gunnar Video Restoration of a white 917 with fins

    Videos in progression: Part 1 - Car Intro Porsche 917 Part 1 Gunnar Racing restoration - YouTube Part 2 - Front Cover Stripping 917 - Part 2 Restoration of Front Nose Cover (strip job) - YouTube Part 3 - Stripping Driver's Door 917 - Part 3 Restoration of Driver's Door (strip job) - YouTube...
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    Reaper says "hello" from Porsche to GT40

    Hey guys, looking to buy either a SPF MKII or RCR MKII going to build with a 427 ITB motor. Probably going to buy for my birthday in July 2012. This place is a wealth of knowledge - in fact so much so i'm selling my 1979 Porsche 935 K3 tribute to buy one. Hoping the thrust from a 427 will rival...