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    The beast is born

    The gearbox is 950 or 960? How much it cost?
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    The beast is born

    @ArtGirl / Ruth Wow! First SL-C in LA area! Ruth, I will really appreciate is you let me see your car. I am thinking to get a SL-C but i want to see it first. I am in Torrance. Good luck, Stefan
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    Griffen transaxle bell housing, clutch pressure plate, flywheel, starter?

    Hi Ken, what quote did you get for the 960SS? I believe that the tranny comes with the bell housing...
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    SL-C #50 Allan's Build

    Nice car Allan! I am interested in this LS376/Ricardo package...can you get 0-60 in 3.2s? What is the top speed? How difficult is to control that 480hp? A 600hp w/ Ricardo will be too much for a street car? The sits looks like the one in FFR GTM, are these the same? All the best, Stefan
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    SL-C's pictures at Mid Ohio

    @Schills If you get the SL-C i will be very happy to help you with the build! How far r u from Torrance?
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    SL-C's pictures at Mid Ohio

    Is that a big block in the gray SL-C? Is that gray the standard SL-C color? The lower part (dark color) of the car is a sticker or paint? ? On the "street tail" version can you add the carbon fiber wing? Any chance to have a SL-C displayed in Los Angeles area?