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    Ready for Summer

    Shelby's and friend ready for summer. GT40 cranked right up but needed a little increase in idle. Ready to run distributor installed during the winter works well.
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    Original GT40 Mk II Heads?

    Had oil blowing out the valve cover gaskets on my Contemporary Cobra on to #5 and #1 plugs. So, I decided to clean the mess up, and replaced the valve cover gaskets on both sides. I had been told by the person who sold me the Cobra that his father, a racer, had bought the motor (have receipt)...
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    1966 gt40 mkii 427 so

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the 66 cars' 427 SO's had the one off NASCAR crankshaft and NASCAR rods (requiring the one off bearings)? Or, did the various engine teams diverge from NASCAR racing and install the "Lemans" rods in the GT40 (hence the name, 'Lemans rods')?
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    Lonestar Lemans COTA VIP Tickets 15-17 Sep 2016

    Have two sets of tickets and parking in Lot T available for $600 each (to be sold as one group for $1200). Package includes: - 2 x grandstand passes on Thursday - 2 x COTA VIP tickets on Friday - 2 x COTA VIP tickets on Sat - 3 x days of parking in Lot T PM me if interested. Mark
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    Oil Temp Sensor

    Just took 50th anniversary Lemans win drive. Even after having this beast for a while, can't get over the feeling this 427FE monster produces, and the straight pipes turn it into an 'e-ticket ride'! To business...OEM oil temp sensor wire that runs through the wrapped wire strand appears to...
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    Breaking Loose Half Shafts

    FYI....insides of half shafts came right off; outsides were frozen in place due to RTV and lips on outsides...Dennis Olthoff suggested using lead hammer and tapping 'hosels' of outsides of half shafts while turning wheel to break them loose ... worked like a champ ... much easier to replace CV...
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    Motive Power Bleeder

    FYI ... in process of changing clutch and brake fluid. The appropriate Motive adapter to the Power Bleeder bottle for Girling reservoirs appears to be Motive part #1123. However, it would not screw on to the reservoir. As it turns out, the thread in the adapter was 'too large'. My...
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    While I've got car pulled apart to fix grounding issues and broken throttle cable, figured I'd try to fix all the current needs. Couple of quick questions I couldn't seem to find in other threads or manuals: - up front, which cap is for brake fluid res and which cap is for clutch fluid res...
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    GT40Mk II with 427 FE cranks but won't start. Has always been hard to start. - Replaced battery since it was 4 years old. Still not start. - Battery cable gets very hot during cranking (as does kill switch in the ground wire) NOTE: battery negative is grounded thru kill switch next to...
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    SPF Accelerator Cable

    Accelerator cable shredded right behind brake pedal and broke. Is the best way to get at cable for repair/replacement by removing nose, fake oil cooler, and plates above pedal mechanism? Don't see how its possible to do it from inside the car. Has anyone replaced the accelerator cable...
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    Straight Pipes

    The following pipes from Summit are a perfect fit on the header collectors to replace the 427 FE mufflers that came with the car. They are black and require you to weld the spacers on to attach the bolts. DTC-780-00302, Collector Extension, Slip Fit, 3.0 in. Diameter, 24 in. Length, Each...
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    GY Blue Streak Specials

    With the 8-15 front and 10-15 rear wheels on the SPF MKII, what would be the correct size Goodyear Blue Streak Specials to run? Found the nums below from Vintage Wheels in San Diego. 600-15: Diameter 25.5. tread width 8.4.section width 10.6. fits rim widths 7 -10 700-15: Diameter...
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    italian gp

    Have two tickets on the way in the grandstand at the Ascari turn. PM if interested. Mark
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    Sealing Firewall

    Took a drive this AM and discovered a massive amount of exhaust gases entering the cockpit through the seam between firewall and the frame. What are the best ways to keep the gases out yet ensure the firewall is easily removealbe (ie, no sealants)? Same for the tunnel where the ZF calbles and...
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    Half shaft torque spec

    Just changed GV boot...what a pian!! How many ft/lb of torque to tighten each of the 6 bolts and inside and outside when connecting the half shaft to the ZF and the wheel? Thanx Mark
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    Turkey Pan - Cold Air Box

    For those of you that have crafted your on box, what type and thickness of aluminum did you use for the: Bottom Sides Backfire plate Thanx Mark
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    CV Boot Ripped

    After drive today, noticed inner drivers side CV boot ripped. What have people used to replace the boot (brand/size)? What is the easiest process to follow in replacing boot? Thanx Mark
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    Airbox/Turkey Pan

    Does anyone happen to have plans for airbox/turkey pan for 427 FE and Webers with 10 degree inward cant? Thanx Mark
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    Ride height setting adjustment

    With P2187 finally on the road after two years and registered in TX as of Friday, the drive out to the truck stop to weigh it for TX DMV made me think about the ride height (forutnately it was a pretty smooth road). Looks to me like the car is sitting a little less than 3.5" off the ground when...
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    Drivers Side Radiator Cooling Fan

    When I switch the fans on, or the fans kick in with the thermo switch, only the passenger side fan turns on. Drivers side stays off. Early on they both came on together. I checked the fan connection to the drivers side fan with a meter, and sure enough, when the switch is on, there isn't...