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    Le Mans Classic postponed till 2021

    Le mans Classic postponed. New confirmed date 1th- 4th July 2021
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    MS25010A what bulb

    Did they use the T1 3/4 28Volt filament bulb back in the days or just the 12Volt 1.2Watt.
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    KVA Citroën C35 gearbox slave & master

    I need to know what slave & master cylinder for the clutch. Citroën DS 5-speed gearbox as used on KVA. Its pre C35 (Citroën SM) but basicaly the same as used on Maserati & Lotus Esprit S1. Bellhouse on KVA is Citroën, not Lotus Esprit. They completely differ including slave cilinder. The...
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    Dasboard fitting

    How to fit a dasboard, where it it fixed. KVA B type, GTForte dash KVA
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    Hartwell latch parts wanted.

    Looking for four off these, with bottom fitment, for the Hartwell latch.
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    Spa Six Hours 25-29 sept 2019
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    mk4 for sale in Belgium Saw it for sale on eBay in Belgium about 2½ years ago when it suddenly disapered and now its back for sale.
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    KVA "B" type chassis

    Does anyone by coincidence have info about the "B" type chassis. All I can find is"A" & "C" type.
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    dropped floor tray

    Whats common drop size for a dropped floor tray. I need to build one. I have an issue a Gurney bubble won't solve.. So I like to know what a common drop would be. Got a sheetpanel floor now and would like to upgrade to alluminium. What thickness should I use. . ...
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    Custom brake rotors, UK

    Were to get custom rotors made? UK preferred ( = closer to Holland ) Mine are new but have been on the shelf way to long so corrosion have taken over. Its a custom job that acts as an adapter between the Citroen DS/SM transmission and the Jaguar XJ halfshafts. The 6 outher holes are fixing to...
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    Enthusiast website hacked??

    Couldn't log in yesterday. Tried two mail adresses. Both were denied. Tried forgot my pasword button with no result. Now I got spam mail at both mail adresses Ill tried. Think theres something going wrong.
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    Spa Six Hours

    September 12 - 16 Entrylists are not yet listed so till now its a suprice. Wonder how many GT40 will be on track now JD Classics has some issues according to some media. Ill take my classic '73 F250 with slide in camperunit to enjoy all the classic racing...
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    427 side oiler in KVA

    As title says, a real deal, genuine 427 side oiler with medium rise and double Ford Holley carbs into a KVA chassis. Can it be done. Has anyone ever tried it ?? What tranny to use as Ill guess the torque will eat most transaxles. Won't try that on my 450bhp HML Citroen C35 tranaxle. Have an...
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    Spa Summer Classic 22-24june

    Spa Summer Classic 2018 According to the entry list YTCC class a GT40 mk4, driver Alexander Deogin from Latvia is attending.. Not sure about that mk4 but somebody overhere might confirm.
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    Spa Classic 18-20 may

    According to the entry list some GT40's on the starting grid. Peter Auto - Spa-Classic I will be there as a visitor leaving tomorrow to stay at Camping L'Eau Rouge for a few days. If you see this on the classic car park... its me ( V8 Roots Blown )
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    1016 color

    I am looking for the 1016 color recepy.. Ill guess its 1966 Ford Mustang anniversary gold. Can't find no colorcode for my painter who sprays PPG. Would like to know what Green is used on the wheels to.
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    Fuel tank size and dimensions

    I am at the point of letting a local welding company make me some fuel tanks for my KVA build. I want dual tank setup with baffles and no foam. As in experiance Foam has issues with ethanol blended fuels. Whats the average fuel tank capacity for a single tank?? Does anyone have...
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    Citroen C35 transmission.

    Who is running one. I like to know how the shifter linkage setup is. I am not interrested in Don't, Skip, Shitbox trow away answers. I am not interrested in use UN1, Audi, Porsche whatever instead I know early KVA came with these tranny's and they can be easely beefed upto 450bhp with...
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    Door locks, handles and catches

    Bought an abandoned project.. Well, I have nothing to start with and need to buy all the required parts that are missing. What do I need. I have a GT Forté MK2 body with recesses for the handles. Where to get a complete set handles, catches etcetera that suits my needs. Also need door...
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    KVA build instructions

    Does somebody have build instructions for a KVA. Chassis in not the problem, its all the other stuff that needs to fitted to the chassis. I bought a stranded project. A rolling KVA chassis with body & ancileries fully dismantled Need guidelines as I want to do it correct. Body is a MK2 &...