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    016 or 01E?

    I show two 1st gear ratio's available for the 01E used in the A8. 01E ratio for code EKN according to my sources; 1st gear is 31/8 or 3.875, p/n 01E 311 257 M. With a 3.75 R&P, that yields a net of 14.53:1. A 3.50:1 1st is not listed for the A8. Maybe the best way to remove any doubt, would...
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    Hershal, That car looks suspiciously like the one I saw at the Knott's AHA show.......Seriously folks, this is a nicely executed build, but more impressive is the fact that he DRIVES it! About 800 mile round trip from Phoenix to Anahiem and back. Ok, so the 016 transaxle appears to be...
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    Audi 016 vs. 093

    The Audi 093, 012, and 013 transaxles all appear quite similar. Judging by the detail parts illustrations, the 016 looks to be more robust when compared to them. The transaxle rebuilders I've spoken with suggest that the 016 is the stronger unit. Does anyone know if LSD (other than the Phantom...
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    GT40s in Los Angeles Area???

    There's an ERA being built in the Valencia (CA) area at Tri-C Eng'g. Last I checked, it was out for paint which suggests it should be completed soon. I will follow up. Andy
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    AN versus JIC Fittings

    I forgot to mention, Inline Tube also offers a 37 degree flaring tool. Read the info on their site with regard to what is used where and with what fittings. Andy
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    AN versus JIC Fittings

    If this is for a braking system (though it wouldn't have to be), try They list a flare (SAE) to AN adapter, 3/16" or 1/4" to -3 AN. Andy [ QUOTE ] Timely discussion! I am in the process of converting part of my system to hard lines. How to I connect the hard line...