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    Static electricity

    Static electricity, a truly amazing phenomenon!
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    Ford GT Calif. vanity plate will become available.

    Ok, I sold my GT40 to an out of state (out of California) buyer. I still have the Vanity Plate MK1 GT40 on our truck. As soon as the illegal alien rush for driver's licenses dies down, I'll be turning it in and getting a standard plate for the truck. If anyone is interested in this...
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    Unfinished DRB GT 40 for sale

    After thinking about this long and hard, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am no longer at a point in my life where I will be able to / desire to finish my GT 40 project. So, It’s time to sell it off to someone who will take it to completion and enjoy the journey! So; Standard Spec DRB...
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    fun find of video of "americas 1st jet"

    don't know if anyone has seen this before. Date's they talk about seem off to me, but who knows! I'll let the experts on here tell me. dave America's First Jet Flight, October 1942 - Videos - AircraftOwner Online
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    I wonder how often he gets pulled over on his "fun bike"

    just for a laugh!!
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    words fail me - -

    Even if this is photo shopped - it's a scary thought.....
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    Fuel Pump Question

    Back in the late 60's I had an electric fuel pump in a little Ford Falcon Sprint - ran a 750 double pumper on top of a mild built (for now, not bad for back then) 390 Ford engine. I can't for the life of me find any of my old data sheets (and I keep everything - much to my wife's dismay!) on...
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    Teething problems with G50 & 2nd drive - suggestions please

    Made the first drive in the car yesterday and everything seemed to go fine (with the exception that the exhaust hit the shift linkage preventing the use of 5th gear - - but was easily fixed. When I tried to take the car out to test the fix & try to set up the speedometer, I've now found that...
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    VDO Speedometer & G50 trans - question

    Does anyone know the "pulses per km" or "pulses per mile" from the G50 trans? I have the VDO Visions electronic speedometer and I'm hoping that it needs to be calibrated to start working (First drive of the car today and no speedo! - crap!). Also, I've assumed that the sender in the G50 is a...
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    Recommendations on Alignment shops in N. Calif.

    I live in the North San Francisco bay area (by Santa Rosa) and need to find a good alignment shop that can handle the initial set-up / alignment of the GT40's suspension. I would prefer NOT to go to Sears Point Raceway simply because the race shops all think everyone's made of solid gold...
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    Sighted gulf liveried gt 40 in Petaluma today at 10:00 am

    I was surprised to see a beautiful gulf liveried gt 40 this morning as I was passing thru Petaluma ca. it was #6 - headed north on petaluma boulevard and looked and sounded great! If the owner is a member of the forum - what type of exhaust system are you using? - as my current mufflers don't...
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    blue coolant hoses - napa? HELP!

    I have seen a thread (either here or on FF5 cobra forum) talking about some blue coolant hoses - I think from Napa autoparts - that were a "shrink to fit" or "clampless" design. but I can't find anything in the searches. Am I going crazy and just imagining this? Help! (reason I need...
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    Question on msd 6-al ignition tach output

    The msd booklet states that the tach output is a 12 volt 20% duty cycle signal - but they don't state how many pulses per revolution - i've assumed it meant 1 pulse per rev, but my VDO tach seems to think that it's looking at a 4 cylinder (reads 2x rpm based on timing light). (it is quite...
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    need some help with rear suspension:

    I have just installed the rear 1/2 shafts and, with the suspension at "full droop" (chassis is on jack stands, suspension is down as far as it will go) the right side (when looking from rear of car) has an interference in the 1/2 shaft joint at the transaxle when you turn the wheel. the...
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    question on mounting the coil

    is there any "magic" number for length of the coil wire to the distributor? Or is it just " shorter is better"? I would like to mount the MSD blaster coil about 3 feet (coil wire length) away from the MSD distributor. Is this distance reasonable - I'm using 8.5mm MSD ignition wire...
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    Need Help - Re: welding on frame rails

    I thought I'd move this question over from the transaxle thread I started with the pilot bearing question. I was trying to mount my Kennedy Engineering starter in the DRB (289 + G50) - and it did not fit - interference with the frame rail. So, having looked at a more recient frame pic...
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    drb pilot bearing question - - -HELP

    can anyone tell me if the pilot bearing supplied by drb for the small block ford to g50 transaxle is suppose to seat clear down to the "shoulder" in the rear of the crank?? I'm trying to install the trans and I'm running into resistance with about 1/8 inch left to go before the trans seats to...
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    question on ride height adjustment - need starting position

    Well, after almost 3 years of tinkering with my drb it's just about time to set it down on the wheels for the first time. I would like to ask some of the drb owners if they could take a quick measurement of how far up the shock (front and rear) the adjusting collar is when you have the ride...
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    need torque specs - G50 pressure plate to flywheel

    title pretty much says it all! what are the torques specifications for the long hex bolts that hold the ring gear to the pressure plate to the flywheel? Thanks for the help! dave
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    need some measurements on a crank pulley

    If someone has an original ford metal crank pulley (two groove) I would greatly appreciate it if they could measure the "height" of the pulley from the face that mounts on the crank to: 1) inner edge of first groove 2) outer edge of second groove Thanks in advance for the assistance...